Decarbonizing Fleets With Renewable Diesel


At this point, the need to decarbonize road transportation is widely accepted — the EPA reports that the transportation sector contributes nearly one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, 83% of which come from light-duty vehicles and medium- and heavy-trucks. Electrification is rapidly picking up speed, but significant barriers still prevent it from being a viable option for all fleet owners — and all vehicles.

Gas Stations Propagate Environmental Injustice. Mobile Fueling Can Help.


At a time when record-high gas prices have become a topic of small talk as common as the weather, few spend much time thinking about the impacts of fueling to anything beyond their wallets.

SAP, Toyota InfoTechnology Center and VeriFone Connect Cars and Provide Drivers With Simplified Fueling

Press Release

July 1, 2014 /3BL Media/ - SAP NEWSBYTE - SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced a co-innovation project with Toyota InfoTechnology Center USA (Toyota ITC) and VeriFone (NYSE: PAY) that will help dramatically simplify drivers’ fueling experience. Currently, drivers need to deal with multiple systems to find “the right” gas stations.

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