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I think we might have ruined the color green. Which is a shame, because it is one hell of a color.
Seriously, stop and think for a second. I’ll wait – I’ve got all day in fact, seeing as you are reading this at your leisure. I advocate for sustainability, so when I say “green,” what do you think?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I bet you think of some marketing campaign by a company espousing its environmentally friendly practices. If not that, you probably just think of a blue recycling bin (oh, the irony). Those are great things and all, but shouldn’t we mean more than that?

What is the Price Point for Business Sustainability?

Blog by Julie Urlaub, Founder and Managing Partner at Taiga Company
The surge in business eco awareness has not gone unnoticed by consumers.  With sustainability concepts and definitions subject to interpretation, the same business sustainability actions claimed as "green" are also subject to "greenwash" commentary. As consumers increasingly scrutinize business actions on climate change, they want to see transparent, more credible information on what companies are doing to reduce their environmental impact.

Use Green Clause for RFP in a Green Business

Press Release

(3BLMedia/theCSRfeed) December 22, 2010 - As the pendulum gradually swings to a more mainstream concept of Green business, there are some fundamentals that should come as a natural evolution of the process.  As I have often said, many of the Green practices that could be included in a business application are not an expense item, nor are they difficult to apply.  A Green clause paragraph seems like one of the most simplistic improvements for a Green business, but it goes a long way to improve the community and industries that your company serves.

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