P-TECH Students Answer the Call to Fight Climate Change and COVID-19


Business leaders have been adapting to big challenges and changes over the past year, including the adoption of AI and cloud technologies to survive and thrive. Now more than ever, there is a skills gap that aspiring leaders and students can address to bring digital ideas to life, to drive value for their companies, and to be successful in their careers.

Love at First Block: Sustainability With the Help of Blockchain

by Mark Herrema, Co-founder and CEO of Newlight Technologies

Over the past 17 years, my team at Newlight has been working to turn air and greenhouse gas into a material found throughout nature called AirCarbon.

BofA, Mastercard, Salesforce, IBM to Report ESG Metrics Championed by World Economic Forum


The push for a global set of ESG standards is bearing fruit.

Bank of America (BAC), Mastercard (MA), (CRM), and IBM (IBM) are among 55 companies that will report on environmental, social, and governance metrics championed by the World Economic Forum and its International Business Council, according to a statement from the group.

IBM Gets It Right on Cancel Culture and Corporate Responsibility

By Tina Casey

Christopher A. Padilla, IBM’s vice president of government and regulatory affairs, is among those recognizing the threat that the “cancel culture” slur poses to the corporate voice on matters of moral, social and civic concern. 

Let's Celebrate Mentorship

By Tracie Zakavec, Aaron Hobbs, and Margarita Madrigal

January 17th marks the International Day of Mentoring, which offers an opportunity to celebrate and promote the value mentoring can bring to the lives of our youth worldwide. In our roles as teacher, student and mentor with the IBM-inspired P-TECH schools, we have seen firsthand how mentoring relationships can transform both mentor and protege, expanding perspectives to help shape career pathways. Below, we share our experiences with you.

Tracie Zakavec
Teacher, Skyline High School – PTECH
Longmont, Colorado

IBM and the Alliance to End Plastic Waste to Create Data Platform to Help Track Global Plastic Waste in the Environment

IBM joins Alliance as supporting member; work includes collaborating to develop data platform to help stakeholders across the plastic value chain
Press Release

ARMONK, N.Y., January 7, 2021 /3BL Media/ - IBM (NYSE: IBM) and The Alliance to End Plastic Waste ("Alliance") today announced IBM will join the Alliance as a Supporting Member.

A Passion for Purpose and Resilience in Learning at IBM Canada

By Carolyn Murphy

One thing that our final three IBM Service Corps (ISC) projects in Canada have in common – they’re focused on executing two elements of IBM’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission: improving education and skills development as well as supporting community resilience. In response to COVID-19, IBM Canada has partnered with the social purpose sector to address the sector’s digital transformation needs; build a demand-led Good Jobs pilot; and, help educators and students better access STEM curriculum and resources.

Volunteers Help Scientists Identify 70 Chemical Candidates To Be Tested Against COVID-19

By Juan Hindo

Working in a highly collaborative and open effort, scientists have identified 70 virtual compounds to be tested for their capability of inhibiting SARS-CoV2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, hopefully leading to new options for treatment.

Partnering with Industry, Government and Schools to Improve 21st Century Skills in Vocational Education

By Volkan Sozmen

The number of young adults who have attained a tertiary education has doubled in the last decade in Turkey according to the OECD, but regrettably the employment rate for tertiary-educated young adults has fallen by 6 percentage points. When we look deeper at the numbers, we observe that vocational technical school graduates have higher rates than other high school types in overall labor force participation and employment.


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