Introducing IBM Service Corps Reignite

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We've launched IBM Service Corps Reignite to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and job seekers:

  • Find new careers in tech
  • Gain new digital skills &
  • Help their communities thrive

creating lasting community impact, together.

Find out how:

Tech for Good - Fight Human Trafficking Using Technology

By Neeraj Kaushik | Cloud and AI Solutions Leader - IBM Corporate Social Responsibility

Now and again I'm reminded that the tech projects I work on are used by real people addressing important social issues. Lately, I've been allowed to work as a Cloud and AI Solutions Architect on an interesting project that uses tech to fight human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a massive, $150 billion illegal global industry — more profitable than drugs or white-collar crime. It exploits more than 40 million people worldwide, according to the International Labor Organization.

Join Pasos Libres and IBM as We Curb Human Trafficking Together

By Sebastián Arévalo Sánchez

Pasos Libres and IBM will run the third DataJam Pasos Libres from August 29th to September 4th to fight human trafficking.  Check it out, here.


Pasos Libres and IBM will run the third DataJam Pasos Libres from August 29th to September 4th to fight human trafficking.  Check it out, here.

Silicon Valley Insiders Say That the Shift to Remote Work Could Finally [Be] Making A Dent in Tech's Diversity Crisis. But It Also Creates Key Problems That the Industry Will Have to Solve for the Change to Stick.

By Rosalie Chan

For many tech companies, remote work is starting to become the long-term reality, rather than a temporary change, and experts say it could spur a more diverse workforce – an area where tech companies have long floundered and where the percentages of Black and Latinx employees are still often in the single digits.

New Paths, New Faces: IBM Offers 1000 Paid Internships to Diversify Tech Talent

By Obed Louissaint
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Nearly a decade ago our company, an innovation company, journeyed to put a new face on technology by creating new pathways to science, technology, engineering and math careers with P-TECH. Diversifying our industry was important then, but even more critical now.  The fight against racism and racial inequality is as urgent as ever.  Despite much progress since the Civil Rights movement, Black people are still significantly affected by poverty, unemployment, segregated housing, police brutality and other injustices in the United States.

IBM's 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report: IBM and Good Tech

By Matthew Dillon

From research labs to the boardroom, responsible stewardship and trust have been hallmarks of IBM’s culture for more than a century. 

The annual IBM Corporate Responsibility Report, published on June 29, details IBM’s performance and progress in 2019 and beyond on a wide variety of issues. Those include how the company operates with trust and transparency: how it supports its employees, the company’s social impact, protecting the environment, responsible supply chain management and governance.

Learning the Skills to Succeed Beyond the Classroom

By Selah Bah

As a 17-year-old from Brooklyn, NY, I’m not letting anything damper my ambition—not even a global pandemic.

This year, I’m graduating from the Pathways to Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) school in Brooklyn with both my high school diploma and associate’s degree in computer systems technology. Though students can take up to six years to complete the P-TECH program, I completed it in four years, which makes me proud.

The Company as a Place of Learning

By Mariana Acosta Checa

Turning our organizations into places of continuous learning is our responsibility. And the key to achieving this lies in our culture.

In a world where learning must be continuous and lifelong, the times when academic institutions were the chief agents responsible for imparting knowledge are coming to an end. In the same way that with the digital revolution technology has ceased to be an independent sector and has permeated the core of all other industries, the same will happen with education in the years to come.

A Day to Recognize and Honor the Vital Role of Nurses

By Judy Murphy, Chief Nursing Officer for IBM Global Healthcare

Compassionate care is a big part of what we do as nurses. Our job has always been to help both patients and their families. We listen to questions and concerns, explain details of treatments and procedures, and lend support in many other ways. We have extensive skill sets in the health sciences, as well as coordination and organization skills that we use to help others.


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