A Train Ride to Perris, CA: Investing in a Sustainable Future Now

People, Planet and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

by Theodosia Ferguson and E. Seth Wilson, Healing Living Systems 

Domtar Sustainability: Bridging the Gap in Forest Certification


What is the difference between certified wood fiber and fiber from sustainably-managed forests? It depends on your perspective.

Ask small landowners in the U.S. Southeast and most will probably say they are responsible forest stewards; many don’t immediately see the value or the need for certification by a third party.

Ask the owners of major brands and they will answer that consumers who buy their products want proof the fiber was harvested sustainably. To these brands, certification is a must.

Domtar is working to bridge this gap.

Behind Domtar's Landowners: Donna Janssen

The latest installment of Domtar’s award-winning Paper Made Here video series, The Steward
Multimedia with summary

Last year, Domtar made the decision to be more vocal about the importance of purchasing paper made in North America with customers, prospects, media and environmental groups.

Protecting a Forest Across Generations

Landowner Stacey Locke on responsibly managing her family's land

This content originally appeared on WWF. 

A brown paper bag. It is a symbol of the environmental movement to me. I was five years old on a day in 1964 when my grandmother, Mama Nette, handed me a bag before we left her house in Arkansas to take a walk in the woods.

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