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These 13-Year-Old Sisters Are Helping to End Period Poverty

Katie Couric Media’s “Leading with Love” Series – Part 1

When Brooke and Breanna Bennett learned that some girls miss school because they lack access to the period products they need, they decided to do something about it.

Leading With Love During Pride Month 2021


Pride has a different look this year, featuring less masks and more in-person celebrations. However, the meaning and purpose behind advocating for and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community is just as – if not more – important. At P&G, we strive to Lead with Love not only during Pride Month, but every month.

P&G Ranks #30 on 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2021

This marks 7th year on the list for P&G
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The 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking is based on 146 ESG transparency and performance factors in eight pillars: climate change, employee relations, environment, finance, governance, human rights, stakeholders and society, and ESG performance. Using a methodology developed by 3BL Media, all Russell 1000 Index companies are researched by ISS ESG, the responsible investment research arm of Institutional Shareholder Services. Data and information used in the 2021 edition of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking is from March 13, 2020 to March 19, 2021

Celebrating Parents with a Million Acts of Love

“Once you are real… it lasts for always.”

There’s nothing like a child’s love to make you feel real. When your baby locks eyes on yours for the first time, there’s that spark of connection. They wrap those tiny arms around your neck and you’re flooded with unparalleled joy. That first “I love you”? It cracks your heart right open.

Procter & Gamble to Contribute Rs 50 Crore for COVID Vaccination


'P&G is committed to playing an active role in India's fight against COVID-19 and will contribute Rs 50 crore towards 10 lakh vaccine doses covering vaccination of 5 lakh Indians, 100 citizens for every one employee we have in India,' P&G Indian Subcontinent CEO Madhusudan Gopalan said.

P&G Echoes Call To #StopAsianHate

In a message of solidarity to North America employees, executive leaders reiterate P&G’s commitment to equality and inclusion.

It’s concerning to see a disturbing wave of anti-Asian violence in recent weeks, including burglaries and assaults targeting Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals. These incidents come more than a year after many began experiencing coronavirus-related racism.

These unfortunate events are examples of ongoing bias, racism, and instances of brutality that too many of our communities are experiencing.

P&G and Global Citizen Team up on World Recovery Plan Sustain Post-Pandemic Recovery

P&G is Stepping Forward to Lead with Love to Resume Learning Everywhere, Protect the Planet and Equity for All

We’re teaming up with Global Citizen to call for international solidarity and renewed commitments for a fairer, more equal future for everyone. It’s called the World Recovery Plan, and we’re supporting these efforts because at P&G, our goal is to Lead With Love in every community we touch.

Right now the world is facing serious challenges that impact all of us. We’re stepping forward to Lead with Love through our company and brand acts of good supporting key aspects of the World Recovery Plan:

Lead With Love: How Companies and Brands Can Help Build a Better World

Words by Marc Pritchard

Editor's note: This article series on brands as a force for good is sponsored by Procter & Gamble and produced by the TriplePundit editorial team.

Leading With Love: An Inspiration to Those Facing Hardship

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Kari Harbath is no stranger to hardship and suffering. In April 2019, due to pregnancy complications, she gave birth to a daughter who is deaf, blind and has CHARGE syndrome, a rare disorder that affects multiple organ systems in the body. If that weren’t challenging enough, the following September, Kari lost her mother, and then this past June, she lost her husband of 13 years. 


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