Championing Diversity by Design and Sustainability with Mel Tarpey


Within our business there are many who are passionate about doing their bit to foster positive change and help us become a more sustainable and inclusive business. One such individual championing these causes in EMEA is Mel Tarpey, our EMEA Head of Visuals Product and Business.

Meet Vishakha: Motovlogger and Gamer Inspiring Women to Break Down Barriers


I remember the first time I rode on the back of my father’s motorbike as if it was yesterday. I loved feeling the wind on my face as we cruised through the streets – it’s a vivid memory I will have forever.

When I told my dad motorsports is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, he finally allowed me to ride his new Hero Honda Passion bike. There was no turning back after that. I used to sneak the bike out with the help of my mother and we’d practice for hours together. Until one day, I purchased my own.

Lenovo Foundation Launches USD $1 Million TransforME Grant Round to Support Tech Skills

Press Release

January 14, 2022 /3BL Media/ - The World Economic Forum projects that by 2025 there will be 97 million new roles created around emerging technologies between humans, machines, and algorithms. At this time, the global workforce is not prepared to meet this opportunity and harness the potential of emerging technologies. Additionally, Covid-19 has disrupted the global workforce and widened the skills gap for jobs that are available.

Lenovo Sparks National Effort to Increase Diversity of Patent Holders in Tech


Efforts to increase diversity in a corporation are not new, and the payoff of creating a diverse and inclusive workforce has been shown time and time again. While many companies can agree on how a diverse and inclusive workforce functions overall, they often overlook a key question: On which teams and in which processes can diverse perspectives have the biggest impact?

Give the Gift of Experience: Five Tips to Be a Better Mentor


As a global technology corporation, Lenovo has a multi-talented workforce. From financial experts to trend predictors, and software programmers to social media experts, large corporations require a wide range of expertise to run their businesses effectively. Even more important than the diverse functions is the diverse path each professional has taken to reach their role at Lenovo.

How Powercoders Gives Refugees Skills to Shape Their Futures


The old saying goes, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Over the years this still rings true and the power of education to provide opportunity cannot be understated. The difference we face today is that the ability to access education is intrinsically connected with technology, which depending on access can be either a gateway to new opportunities, or a barrier to entry.

Lenovo Employees in China Make a Difference with Every Step


The sport of running can be polarizing, inspiring passion in some while others do whatever they can to avoid it. But how would you feel about running if you knew that with every step you were helping a child in need? Lenovo’s employees in China have been motivated by this call to action since 2008 through the Love on Running Club.

Employees' Disaster Response Empowered by Lenovo's “Love On” Platform


Giving Tuesday is a time to reflect on the causes that matter most to us. Perhaps it’s a local community pet shelter, a food bank, or an NGO (Non Government Organization) helping people prepare for the careers of the future. However, no matter the cause, climate resiliency will likely need to be part of any organization’s plan for the future. Lenovo employees in Europe have used the online giving and volunteer platform to quickly respond and help their communities recover from both natural and man-made disasters as climate change affects the mission of every community organization.

Giving Back by Giving Time in India and Singapore


The Love On Platform was launched in August 2021 worldwide, with the intention of creating an employee experience for employee volunteering. Through this platform, employees not only can register for volunteering, but also may track their hours in lieu with the volunteering policy and donate their rewards to charity.  As part of the Love On Purpose Program, for every hour that employees volunteer, they receive $5 USD as Volunteer Rewards to donate to a charity of choice.


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