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Ecologists Preserve Earth’s Biodiversity with Sound Studies Using Edge Computing and Data Analytics Solutions

  • HPE collaborates with a team of scientists to process a multitude of audio data for insights using HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems, HPE ProLiant Servers and HPE Apollo Systems
  • The team collected audio data from 80% of the earth’s major ecosystems using sensors and battery-powered acoustic recorders to capture sound in remote areas

Researchers at the Center for Global Soundscapes at Purdue University record audio across the globe and accelerate ecological insights through edge computing and data analytics capabilities from HPE

Banking on a Circular Economy


History has revealed again and again that living beyond our ecological means proves disastrous. The Mayans; the Norsemen; the people of Easter Island: the collapse of these civilizations is in large part attributed to their overexploitation of natural resources.

Today, humanity risks a similar fate as the world’s growing population places exponential pressure on the planet’s diminishing natural resources.

A global imperative

Maximizing Business and Sustainability With a Circular Economy

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Circular Economy challenges us to think about product design including how we procure, track, and dispose materials throughout the entirety of a product’s life cycle.

Listen to Antonio discuss how HPE is contributing to the circular economy. For example, by providing customers with consumption based models, HPE helps its customers consume only what they need, helping reduce the total power consumption of its solutions.

Antonio also discusses the intelligent edge and how edge-to-cloud concept will improve utilization of products, making them autonomous and more sustainable.

Maximizing Business and Environmental Value with the Circular Economy

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO, Antonio Neri, shares how HPE is contributing to a circular economy by building considerations like energy efficiency, materials innovation and design for recyclability right into our business design principles.

HPE Makes the List. Top Companies Using Their Social Media Platform to Promote Sustainability

By Simon Propper

Corporate handles averaged 19 sustainability posts per month, with sustainability leader handles looking neglected at an average of five posts per month.

That said, the most active leaders are very active.

HPE Wins Two Asia-Pacific Global Citizenship Awards

  • HPE global citizenship recognized with two corporate sustainability awards in Taiwan
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Christopher Wellise, recognized for professional leadership

Feeding the World: IoT and the Intelligent Edge


HPE is partnering with Purdue University to uncover digital technologies with the potential to transform agricultural research. The objectives are increased crop yields with reduced inputs—and therefore less environmental impact. The partnership is exploring the potential for IoT and intelligent edge computing to revolutionize agricultural research practices and ultimately, farming efficiency.

Bringing Healthcare to Remote Communities: eHealth Centers


HPE is delivering an affordable and rapidly deployable digital healthcare solution for remote and underserved communities in India and the Philippines. We are working in a ground-breaking partnership with multiple healthcare providers, NGOs, and government organizations.
HPE eHealth Centers pair online training materials for remote healthcare workers with diagnostic tools that capture vital statistics on a cloud-based application.

From Data to Discovery, Faster: Next Generation Sequencing


The Technical University of Denmark conducts research in bioinformatics and systems biology—fields that employ powerful computers to explore biological data.

After the university installed the fastest high-performance supercomputer in Denmark, the runtime for data-intensive medical research was reduced by nearly one-third. This substantial gain is made possible by HPE Next Generation Sequencing Solution, which helps reduce the processing time for data-heavy genome analytics, ultimately speeding up the pace of medical discovery.

Lessening Environmental Impact: Intelligent Industrial Plants

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HPE and ABB formed a global partnership which will create sweeping new business opportunities for our shared customers, transforming the way energy and materials are used and dramatically lessening environmental impact. Our joint offering combines ABB’s industry-leading digital offerings, ABB Ability™, with HPE’s innovative Hybrid IT and Intelligent Edge solutions.


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