Mission Alignment

Make Every Dollar Count: Is Your Cash Sleeping with the Right Partners?


by Annie McShiras, Investment Associate, Self-Help Federal Credit Union 

Impact investing has emerged as a major force in philanthropy. Last year the Global Impact Investing Network conducted a survey showing that the estimated value of the impact investing sector doubled between 2017 and 2018, increasing from $114 Billion to $228 Billion in assets under management. The rise of impact investing signals a shift from a “do-no-harm” approach to a demand for investments that actively produce measurable positive social and environmental outcomes.

Mission-Driven Companies, Mission-Driven Dollars


It’s powerful when the mission of investors is aligned with the mission of the company they invest in. We all know what too often happens when there isn’t mission alignment between investors and companies. Short-term financial return becomes more important than the company mission or than what the company can realistically achieve even with the best management practices. This is how the term “vulture capitalists” came to be, assigned to some venture capitalists and even to some “angel” investors.

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