Working Together for Climate Action

by Vince Digneo, Sustainability Strategist

As we look toward the end of the year, it’s needless to say that 2020 has not been what any of us imagined. Our communities across the globe have suffered, from the impacts of COVID-19 to the injustices of racial inequality. With everything we are facing, it would be easy to think that the environment and climate change aren’t priorities right now. But decoupling our environmental health from human well-being and inequality is a mistake. Now more than ever, we must remember that these issues are highly interconnected, and that with creativity, we can create change.

Social Justice and Equity, by Design

How Antionette Carroll started a movement for equity design, inspiring a new generation of designers and artists.

Democratizing Digital Literacy: Adobe Unveils Readability Research Partnerships at MAX


From Adobe’s invention of the PDF, to its status as an open standard today, the whole world relies on the ubiquitous PDF to communicate, connect, and absorb information. This is especially critical today in education, where remote learning and digital innovation are not only changing the way teachers teach, but also how students learn. As a champion of creativity as an essential component of digital literacy, it gives us immense pride to share the progress Adobe is making toward better readability for all.

Adobe Named a Top 10 Most JUST Company


When Dr. John Warnock and Dr. Charles Geschke cofounded Adobe in 1982, they set out to build a company that continuously innovated, while maintaining a culture in which employees treated others with trust and respect. Almost 40 years later, Adobe continues to be that company—investing in our employees, supporting our communities, and working towards building a sustainable future.

The Power of Stories to Transform Lives

Using Adobe Creative Cloud, Ripple Effect Images empowers women to tell their stories through impactful images and films

Zooming in on a groundbreaking photographer

Annie Griffiths is something of an inspiration. In 1978, she became one of the first female photographers at National Geographic. Her award-winning work has been featured in iconic publications such as LIFE, Geo, Smithsonian, and Time. She has traveled to every continent capturing stories with the power to change lives.

Adobe Unveils Ambitious Multi-Year Vision for PDF: Introduces Liquid Mode

New Liquid Mode increases readability and accessibility of PDFs on mobile devices

Digital experiences have never been more critical — cutting across all industries and impacting daily work and personal lives.

Adobe Sign Customer Video: Spin the Globe

Multimedia with summary

Sylvia Longmire has always been passionate about traveling, but in 2005 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and started using a wheelchair. Determined to continue exploring the world, she started Spin the Globe, a blog and travel agency, to help other wheelchair users research and book accessible travel. Sylvia uses Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign to keep her business moving, no matter where she is.

Beyond Gourmet Sandwiches and Into Full-Scale Community Support: GD Bro Burger

Multimedia with summary

Signal Hill, just south of Los Angeles, is lucky to have Hue Nguyen and his devoted crew of apprentice cooks, caterers, runners, and organizers. As the owner of GD Bro Burger, Hue has expanded his operation over the past few months — far beyond gourmet sandwiches and into full-scale community support — with the help of nonprofits, like-minded businesses, and digital technology.

Adobe Joins Forces With the United Nations Environment Programme and The Ocean Agency to Create Change in Ocean Conservation

Join the #OceanLeague wave of support using creativity and color to protect the world’s oceans

Our oceans are facing a perfect storm of pollution, overfishing, and climate change, and these threats have pushed ecosystems such as coral reefs to the tipping point of collapse. Over half a billion people globally rely on coral reefs for food and income. And so, with international conservation targets being set for the next decade at upcoming events, creating change has never been more urgent.


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