Feast of Sharing Presented by Nickelodeon

By David Bruson

The Salvation Army and an “army” of volunteers from Nickelodeon and Viacommunity teamed up last Tuesday evening in downtown Los Angeles for Feast of Sharing.

More than 1,000 residents of the Pico Union area - all families - enjoyed a sit-down banquet dinner with an incredibly delicious Thanksgiving menu prepared by Food Inc, our longtime Kids Choice Awards caterer, and served by live action and voice talent from our shows.

How ‘MTV Shuga’ Made Viewers Twice as Likely to Get an HIV Test

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation uses 'MTV Shuga' to teach young people across sub-Saharan African about safer sex—and it’s working.

By Nicole Bitette

More than 1.2 million sub-Saharan Africans contracted HIV in 2017. The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is combating that frightening statistic by tapping the power of television to spread messages of safer sex via the popular scripted drama MTV Shuga.

Voices at Viacom: “Diversity and Inclusion Is About All of Us”

Wincie Knight, senior director of global inclusion strategies for Viacom, on championing a sense of belonging.

In the Soundbites series, Viacom employees describe a project or experience that has influenced how they approach their work.


In the Soundbites series, Viacom employees describe a project or experience that has influenced how they approach their work.

Viacom Highlights 7 Reasons Why Diversity and Inclusion Spur Creativity

Executives and talent from Paramount Pictures, MTV, and Nickelodeon reveal the moments that propelled their projects.

By Stuart Winchester

In the panels, workshops, and conversations held for employees during Viacom’s Inclusion Week, the executives and talent behind some of the company’s biggest hits were honest about the biases and institutionalized obstacles they’ve encountered in their personal and professional lives. They also offered advice on how individuals can assert themselves and empathize with those who come from different backgrounds and cultures.

Nickelodeon Volunteers Build Backyard Oasis for Los Angeles Residence

Multimedia with summary

On Friday, September 13, Nickelodeon held its first ever Summer Day of Service to benefit LA Family Housing’s Pacoima Place residence. Pacoima Place houses 18 families and was most recently a pay by the hour motel before the folks at LA Family Housing put a master lease on the property.

Publicis Groupe’s Renetta McCann Speaks at Viacom's Inclusion Week: ‘Organizations Are Temples for Power and Privilege.’

A career change agent describes the limits of imagination.

By Kelby Clark

Renetta McCann, a 30-veteran of the advertising industry, is honest about the privileges and pitfalls of being a diverse executive.

“I cannot walk into an industry event today and not see someone whose career I’ve touched in some way. It’s almost impossible,” said McCann during an on-stage discussion last week with Louis Carr, president of media sales for BET Networks. But, “the demands of being Superwoman and putting everything on [my] shoulders caused me to compromise my mental health.”

VMA Intern Correspondent Joelle Park on Social Issues, Red Carpet Chaos and Her Love for Lizzo

By Izzy Falkovich

A junior at Dartmouth studying economics, film and liberal arts, Joelle Park spent her summer at Nickelodeon managing YouTube scheduling calendars, observing the creative process, and brainstorming video ideas. When Viacom’s Corporate Social Responsibility team put out calls for video submissions to help them choose this year’s MTV VMA correspondent, Park saw an opportunity to chase an unfulfilled aspiration.

Donna Brazile and Michael Steele Discuss Diversity, Inclusion, and Gumbo During Viacom’s Inclusion Week

Two former national political party chairs on the keys to an inclusive workplace.

By Tara Weiss

Donna Brazile, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, likens successful workplace diversity and inclusion to making a good gumbo.

Viacom Program Finds the Next Generation of Directing Talent

Behind the Viacom development program that creates opportunity for industry outsiders.

By Stuart Winchester

Two years ago, Elvira Ibragimova was working at an upscale Manhattan architecture firm, designing a pavilion that would sit at the junction of Uber’s new headquarters and the Golden State Warriors’ new San Francisco arena.

The glamorous job could have been a tidy endpoint for Ibragimova, who left Uzbekistan for the United States with her family at age 10, a refugee considered endangered in the former Soviet Union for her mixed Jewish-Muslim heritage.

Turning ‘Girls Who Code’ Into Women Who Work at Viacom

Viacom’s multi-year tech internship program helps young women launch careers.

By Stuart Winchester

Lauren Clark and Emily Lo have a lot in common. Both entered Viacom’s Girls Who Code summer immersion program in 2015, its inaugural year. Both just wrapped up their third year of the company’s long-term internship program. And both major in computer science-related fields at upstate New York colleges.

And in multiple years of college-level technology instruction at two separate institutions, each has had exactly one female professor.


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