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3 Easy Ways to Help Keep Kids Cyber Safe

NortonLifeLock and National PTA provide back-to-school digital safety tips

By Kim Allman, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Government Affairs

There is lots to do to get to kids ready to go back to school this year. No matter what model of instruction your school is following, device time for every age group is at an all-time high (New York Times, 2021), making it more important than ever to ensure your kids understand digital safety.  

Back to School Digital Safety Tips

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Before your kids go back to school this year, join National Parent Teacher Association and NortonLifeLock Cyber Safety experts for quick tips to get your family's devices and online privacy ready. Join us Wednesday 8/18 at 3 p.m. ET LIVE on Facebook!

Serving More Families Than Ever Before

NortonLifeLock makes $1M commitment to National PTA to expand Cyber Safety education

By Kim Allman, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Government Affairs

I’m thrilled to announce that NortonLifeLock has made a $1 million commitment to National PTA to expand The Smart Talk, the Cyber Safety education program we co-created. This is our largest grant yet, and as a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety, further demonstrates our commitment to helping protect and empower children and families to live their digital lives safely.

Showing Up for Arizona Students, Families and Teachers

NortonLifeLock funds COVID-19 relief grants for all eligible Arizona PTAs that applied

By Leslie Boggs, President of National PTA

Have You Set Tech Ground Rules For Your Kids?

NortonLifeLock, National PTA and The Smart Talk can help

Do the kids you care for know how to disable location tracking on all of their apps? Do they know their limit on screen time? Do your children understand that anything posted or shared on social media can be saved by screenshots even if they delete it?

Raising children in the age of smartphones and social media brings new challenges and concerns for all families. Parents and caregivers today, dealing with virtual school and increased online interactions, are facing ever-expanding and ever-evolving online dangers.

Teach Your Kids to #BeCyberSmart and Own Their Cyber Safety

The National PTA and Symantec partner for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

By Tess Hetzel | Corporate Responsibility Manager

This article was originally posted here in the National PTA's magazine.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), a collaborative effort to raise awareness and provide education on ways to be safer online at work, at home, at school, and all of the places in between.

[Webinar] “Owning” Your Most Significant Personal Information

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Start October strong with Symantec and NCSAM partners, the National PTA, Connect Safely and the National Cyber Security Alliance, to learn how to protect the devices you use day to day. Understanding how to protect your most significant personal information is crucial in this world of constant connection. We will focus on elements of home and family and the topics will include:

The Smart Talk Reaches Families Across the U.S.

Symantec and National PTA partner to bring families together to have conversations about how to create a better internet

Did you know that 98 percent of children age eight and under have access to a smart mobile device at home? Parenting in the digital age is complex and Symantec partners with National PTA to help children act safely, responsibly, and thoughtfully online.

Symantec Partners with National PTA to Help Children Be Successful Online

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As the founding sponsor of PTA Connected, Symantec has deepened its commitment to National PTA and to fostering the safe, positive use of smart devices and social media among youth. Together we'll provide tools and resources to empower families to guide their children into responsible digital citizenship.

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Helping Families Take Charge of Their Digital Life

Symantec supports launch of PTA Connected, a multi-dimensional digital safety program

By Collin Robinson, PTA Connected Ambassador and National PTA Board Member

The digital world changes and grows every day. That makes parenting complex, to say the least.We want our children to connect, learn and have fun through technology, and at the same time, act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online. But these ideas can seem impossible to combine. And with a child in middle school and a child in high school, I have experienced this firsthand. 


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