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TransCanada to Acquire Columbia Pipeline Group

Acquisition will significantly expand our natural gas pipelines business in the U.S. and provide attractive growth opportunities.

Merger a "rare opportunity" to access Appalachia basin, boost growth plan

Education Partnership for Mexican Engineers

20 Mexican students gain key skills in semester-long pipeline specialization program at the University of Calgary.

Mexican government prepares for natural gas pipeline expansion

The Mexican government has been working to change the paradigm of its energy sector, opening up opportunities for private companies to contribute to the development of the oil and gas industry in the country. This historic step is the cornerstone of ensuring Mexico’s competitiveness in the coming years.

Training young professionals in pipeline construction and management

Is a Perfect Pipeline Safety Record Possible?

“Not a scratch, scrape, puncture, or cut . . . we haven’t even sent anybody to the doctor.”

After 20 years, Tuscarora Gas Transmission's safety record remains unblemished
Every company’s goal is to have a perfect safety record. But is perfection really possible? In a word: Yes.

National Grid Balances New England’s Energy Future: A Connect21 Video

Our New England energy strategy: Focusing on the right infrastructure investments today, so we can move to cleaner energy tomorrow.
Multimedia with summary

New England energy strategy for National Grid is one where we’re trying to address both policy issues as well as customer issues.” Sandy Taft, director, Environmental & Sustainable Policy expresses that we are resolute about shaping an energy future that addresses reliability and affordability concerns.

Matt Winkler: Why the U.S. Gets the Most Out of Cheap Oil


Originally posted on Bloomberg View.

Cheap oil should be good economic medicine for almost anybody who isn't trying to sell the stuff. Yet only one country has been able to take full advantage of the 14-month collapse in the price of crude: the U.S.

National Grid Re-invests Energy for Veterans

Multimedia with summary

On this stop in our Connect21 video series, tour Northport VA Medical Center with its Chief Engineer & Acting Associate Director, Ron Brattain, and National Grid New York President, Ken Daly.

Since converting from oil to natural gas, the Long Island hospital has reaped $2.5 million in energy savings and realized 1.5 million gallons of oil displaced. But the biggest benefit? More money to invest in healthcare services for returning veterans.

Michael Bloomberg: Realistic Goals for the Paris Climate Conference

The trend is moving in the right direction, and if the U.N. gathering in the fall speeds it up, that’s success.

Originally pusblished on the Wall Street Journal.

By Michael R. Bloomberg
June 28, 2015

Global Wind Day: 5 Business Benefits of Wind Power


Did you know today is Global Wind Day? Since 2009, the Global Wind Energy Council, European Wind Energy Association and national associations have organized activities on June 15 to spread awareness about the power and possibilities of wind energy.


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