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Freeport-McMoRan Named Best Corporate Citizen by Forbes


Congratulations to Freeport-McMoRan for being named to the Just 100: America's Best Corporate Citizens by Forbes! Freeport-McMoRan was ranked 49 on the 2018 Forbes Just 100 list, and was the second-highest ranking company in the Basic Resources category.

A Wildlife Biologist With Power

By Dana Kobilinsky

As a kid, Scott Fletcher was the go-to guy to identify whatever strange-looking critters had appeared in his neighbors’ yards. When his father, a geology professor, took him and his brothers out for weekend fossil hunts in central Pennsylvania, Fletcher went searching for insects while the other two checked out the rocks. His father helped him assemble a sort of homemade natural history museum in the basement. He kept salamanders in a crate inside the house — until the smell overwhelmed his family and his dad shut-it down.

Bechtel Podcast | Environmentally Safe Dredging & Circular Economy Practices

by am Nguyen, Global Head of Sustainability


The Chevron-operated Wheatstone LNG Plant on the coast of Western Australia is one of the continent’s biggest natural resource projects. It will have the capacity to supply 8.9 million metric tons of liquefied natural gas per year—equal to 5 percent of Asia’s 2017 use—to meet the soaring demand for cleaner energy in the Asia-Pacific market. Wheatstone will also deliver 200 terajoules per day (2.2 billion cubic meters per year) of gas to Western Australian consumers.

Molecular Solutions, Global Challenges

Eastman’s Innovations for a Sustainable Future

By David A. Golden

The world faces enormous challenges driven by the interconnectivity of energy, water, and food resources. We have to take these interrelationships into consideration as we seek global solutions. To make matters more complex, the ocean, atmosphere, and climate are inextricably linked to energy, water, and the food chain. Considered in the context of a growing population and rising standard of living, we are left with a host of challenging questions.

"How do we feed more people with less arable crop land?”

Practitioner Spotlight--Regina Bussard


Antea Group spotlights Regina Bussard, a professional geologist registered with the state of California. Regina has 16 years of experience in environmental liability management consulting and loves focusing on the environment and natural resources.

She says, “I’ve always seen myself as a scientist and I think about the environmental bigger picture.” Read more about Regina Bussard in our blog

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Celebrating World Environment Day and Sustainability at Shire

Multimedia with summary

Managing the environmental and social impacts of our operations, products, and sourcing is fundamental to our success #WorldEnvironmentDay

Learn more about Shire's commitment to sustainability in the 2016 Annual Responsibility Review.

4 Steps Toward Sustainability

Improving your company’s sustainability goals requires delving into the unknown.

Mark Wallace | UPS 

Picture a 9-month-old baby attempting to walk. She toddles a few steps, stumbles and falls. If she’s ready, curious and committed, she hoists herself up again. And again. This process takes time and effort.

Avista Plants for Reforest Spokane Day


This fall, Avista partnered with The Lands Council to plant trees for the 6th Annual Reforest Spokane Day. Over 400 volunteers planted 2,500 trees and native shrubs in west Spokane, downtown and along the Centennial Trail and Spokane River. Avista is proud to partner with The Lands Council on this wonderful community event and engage the community while enhancing the health of our natural resources.

The Future of Alternative Fuels

With pollution growing and natural resources dwindling, now is the time to expedite the development of alternative fuels.

As concerns grow over climate change, pollution and how much oil we actually have left, there’s clearly a need to develop alternative fuels. 

The good news is that researchers have proven that vehicles can run on natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, nitrogen, biofuels like elephant grass – and even biodiesels based on restaurant grease or chicken waste.


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