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Recruit, then Activate: Building an Engaged Facebook Following on World Water Day


Today is World Water Day, an international day of awareness and action in support of our planet’s growing water needs. World Water Day reaches people around the world, from the one in seven people worldwide who lack access to clean water to the companies, NGOs and governments that support this important cause.

Technology Supporting Product Transparency


For consumers who are increasingly concerned about how the products they buy are sourced and made – there’s a (m)app for that. Sourcemap, developed by a team from the MIT Media Lab, is an open-source, volunteer-driven website that maps the supply chains of consumer goods. Individuals will soon be able to determine the carbon footprint of all the goods they consume, from orange juice to Xbox 360s.

Not Just a Crisis Issue – Transparency as a CR Opportunity


The heated discussion around the Taco Bell lawsuit for using only 36 percent beef in its tacos has been wrongly framed. Although many view it as a crisis communication challenge, it is in fact a symptom of the company’s misaligned corporate responsibility priorities.

Carol Cone, Chairman, Cone, Inc. The Power of Cause in a Reset Economy

A Cause Marketing Masters Series Presentation:
Press Release

Date: July 15, 2009 at 1:30 pm EST

Cause branding pioneer Carol Cone examines the state of our expanding field in light of today's dramatically-changed economic conditions. Learn about five critical trends (Value & Values, Core to Business, The New Currencies, Brand Meaning and New Media)that any cause marketer should consider when conceptualizing and implementing programs.


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