3M Announces New Verify Platform To Help Tackle Counterfeit Products


3M has established the new 3M Verify platform to report potential counterfeit 3M products, building on the success of its anti-counterfeit efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding its counterfeit reporting process to include all products made by 3M.

3M Advances Decarbonization Technologies, Showcases Power of Science To Address Climate Change During Climate Week NYC


3M is expanding research and development into emerging technologies focused on decarbonization and renewable fuels. Through cross-functional global teams, 3M Corporate Research and 3M Ventures, the company’s corporate venturing arm, 3M is investing in and developing innovative materials for green hydrogen and low-carbon intensity energy separations.

Hard Work and a Community Focus Earn 3M's Alex Wiesner Cottage Grove's Firefighter of the Year Award


Growing up, Alex Wiesner didn’t imagine he’d become a firefighter. However, through hard work and a commitment to serving his community, he did just that – and was recognized by the city of Cottage Grove as their 2021 Firefighter of the Year.

A New Port for 3M Helps Reduce Shipping Time to Customers


A move to give 3M more supply chain flexibility is also helping to reduce shipping time to the company’s customers in Asia.

3M's Hutchinson Minnesota Plant Celebrates 75 Years


The 3M plant in Hutchinson, Minnesota, has been in operation for 75 years.

The plant opened its doors in February of 1947 with 10 employees. Today there are 1,600 working at the plant.

3M Hutchinson makes a variety of well-known 3M products, including adhesives, films and tape – lots of tape. In fact, the plant makes over 11 million miles of tape per year – that’s enough to travel from the earth to the moon and back 24 times.

Here’s a look at some of the milestones over the plant’s 75 years:


3M Experts: Here's What To Do When Hail Damages Your Vehicle


Vehicle owners understandably start worrying when hard, crunching hailstones start crashing against their car. After a storm, drivers reluctantly give their car a look over for dents and dings while hoping for the best.

Spotting hail damage

You might think finding hail damage only requires a simple scan over the car but correctly spotting damage is tricky.

Mo Lim Is First ASEAN PGA Golfer To Play in 3M Open


Thaya Limpipolpaibul, aka Mo Lim, is living out his dream to play in a PGA tournament event at the 3M Open, taking place this week in Minnesota.

Working in close partnership with the ASEAN PGA, 3M awarded a sponsor exemption to Mo, a 25-year-old professional golfer from Chiang Mai, Thailand. He secured the spot by winning the 3M Open Qualifier @ Thailand 2022 presented by the ASEAN PGA at Siam CC’s Plantation Course in Pattaya, Thailand in July.

3M Invests for Future of Sustainability, Jobs and Manufacturing in Cordova, Illinois


3M is investing more than $170 million at its Cordova, Illinois, site to engineer and install cutting-edge technology as it pursues its company-wide goal of enhancing the quality of water returned to the environment.

Raising the Pride Flag High


To celebrate Pride Month, 3M locations around the world have raised the LGBTQ+ Pride flag.

There’s something different about the Pride flag flying outside 3M headquarters in Maplewood, Minnesota. It’s the Philadelphia Pride flag, which includes black and brown stripes along with the familiar rainbow.

3M's Tobias Ross Teams Up With Auto Industry To Find New Solutions Using 3M Glass Bubbles


Many companies aspire to create the next “big thing.” Tobias Ross, 3M Advanced Materials Division (AdMD) business development manager, actually helps them do it. He leads a team focused on finding new automotive application solutions with 3M™ Glass Bubbles. Side by side with customers, 3M takes the simple glass bubbles product and creates extraordinary results.


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