INFOGRAPHIC: A Year of Sustainability at Clarivate

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Sustainability is at the core of our virtuous circle at Clarivate.

We’ve rewired our business so that growth is not only a centralized, driving force for sustainability – it's also a competitive advantage. We’re creating an interconnected, shared purpose that guides the decisions and actions of our leadership and colleagues worldwide – so our collective focus is on growth for the greater good.

Learn more in the Clarivate Annual Sustainability Report.

Pride at Clarivate: Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


Clarivate has a long history of embracing diversity and inclusion as integral to our core values and Sustainability@Clarivate.

It exemplifies our commitment to delivering the best to our customers. To achieve this, we embrace a strong belief in treating our colleagues with dignity and respect and providing work environments that enable everyone to thrive and succeed.

The Clarivate Commitment to Safeguarding Personal Data


At Clarivate, data is our business. We take it seriously and believe in trust and transparency – especially when it comes to protecting personal data. Our ongoing commitment to promoting responsible data use will help drive a more sustainable society. We’ve created a robust and effective data protection program with policies and procedures that reflect internationally accepted principles of transparency, accountability and individual rights.

Carbon Capture and Storage Panel Session at the Clarivate Virtual Innovation Forum


At this year’s Clarivate Virtual Innovation Forum, Marilyn Johnson, Sr. Director of Global Sustainability at Clarivate, moderated a panel session about carbon capture and storage as the way forward for companies. 

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion: The Vibrant Colleague Resource Group

Mariana Rivera, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Clarivate, discusses her long-established career in HR, her role in the formation of Vibrant, and the part that the group has played in encouraging racial and ethnic diversity at the organization.

The Vibrant colleague resource group is focused on racial and ethnic diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging. In this article, Mariana talks about her career journey so far, the inspiration behind the creation of Vibrant, its alignment with the values of Clarivate, and the initiatives colleagues have been involved in during Vibrant’s first year of existence.

Clarivate: Setting the Course for Our Workplace of the Future


A cultural and organizational transformation has begun at Clarivate, where every decision and every opportunity is approached with the assumption and mindset that the solution will better connect us through technology.

A Sustainable Approach To Caring for the Environment


At Clarivate, we are committed to taking care of our planet and natural resources to build a better, sustainable world. We do this through activities that prioritize our operational eco-efficiency, carbon neutrality, an ethical supply chain code of conduct and making a difference to climate change.

We work closely with our customers, too, contributing our time, knowledge, and resources to help them apply innovation to their environmental initiatives and create products and services aligned with sustainability.

Clarivate Is Empowering Colleagues To Take Charge of Their Health and Wellbeing


“At Clarivate, our mission is to empower each colleague with meaningful tools, sustainable insights and ongoing support to help them thrive. With the launch of our new, Be Well platform, we’re excited to enable our colleagues worldwide to take charge of their individual health and wellbeing and maintain a healthier, more productive lifestyle.”

Jennifer Prentice, Director of Global Benefits

Learning and Development as a Catalyst for Change at Clarivate


“Behind every successful organization is always a dedicated, skilled team of colleagues who work together for the benefit of the company. At Clarivate, our internal learning and development programs are an essential way to support our colleague development, elevate their skills and help propel our organization to be successful and future-proof.”

Marguerite Harris, Head of Talent and Development

Clarivate Pledges to Advance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


“Our commitment to addressing diversity and inclusion is not just a competitive or reputational issue, but a societal issue where CEOs and corporate leaders can and should play a critical role in driving real change.”

Ketan Patel, VP Cortellis, Product Platform

Since launching our company’s values in 2018, ‘value every voice’ has become one of our core tenets.


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