Is the Glass Ceiling Broken?


The glass ceiling is widely regarded as one of the major challenges for women in business. The concept is fairly straightforward. An invisible ceiling exists in many corporate environments, creating a barrier between women and high-level positions that tend to be dominated by males in leadership roles. Women have been shattering this boundary for years and, as society has evolved, the strength and role of the glass ceiling may be changing.

Comerica Bank Women's Business Symposium: Detroit - Q&A Roundup

We wrapped up the 2018 Comerica Bank Women's Business Symposium: Detroit, one of our annual networking events specifically for women striving to reach new heights in the business world. The event featured a variety of speakers, discussions and networking sessions. During this time, we were able to sit down and have a direct conversation with three of our presenters. Here's a look at what they had to say: 

Ivette Mayo 

Rainy Day Savings Strategies


While it is important to financially plan for the future, preparing for the unexpected is also necessary. It is often something unforeseen that catches us off guard and strains our financial resources. 

“No one can predict the future,” says Irvin Ashford Jr., National Director of Financial Education, Comerica Bank. “It is always better to prepare for a rainy day and not need it, than to walk out without an umbrella when the storm comes.”

Comerica: Developing a Budget


It’s a new year and at the top of your resolutions list should be to develop a budget and stick with it all year. One of the best ways to reach personal financial success is by developing a budget, which allows you to see exactly what you have, what you spend and where there is room for saving.

“Budgeting is crucial to maintaining personal financial health,” says Irvin Ashford Jr., National Director of Financial Education, Comerica Bank. “Discovering where your money is going each month can help you avoid debt and increase your savings.”


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