A Greener Community for a Cooler Lynwood

Edison summer interns and employees dig in to help care for recently planted shade trees.

By Caitlin Bowen & Shulie Tornel

Edison International 2021 Sustainability Report: Climate Adaptation


Our approach to addressing climate change focuses on adaptation in addition to mitigation. As we have experienced firsthand in California, the effects of climate change have become undeniable. Both the public and private sectors must plan to adapt to the challenges climate change brings. With a focus on vulnerable communities, SCE is working to coordinate medium- and long-term actions and associated investments across sectors to optimize the societal benefits of adaptation planning.

Edison Volunteers Join the Great L.A. River Cleanup

Employees remove a stunning array of pollutants, including cigarette butts and microplastics, from a river estuary to benefit climate adaptation.

By Casey Wian, ENERGIZED by Edison Writer

After rappelling down a 40-foot concrete wall into the Los Angeles River’s Willow Street Estuary, then spending the next few hours filling bag after bag of trash, volunteers might be expected to express relief that the ordeal was over.

Edison International 2021 Sustainability Report: A Message From Our CEO


Edison International is at the forefront of the clean energy transition. Our vision is to lead the transformation of the electric power industry in a way that is safe, reliable and affordable for all our customers. While the road ahead is long, I’m proud of the meaningful progress our 13,000 team members from Edison International, SCE and Edison Energy1 made in 2021 to advance our clean energy strategy and provide value to our stakeholders.

Climate Change

New Life Takes Root at Big Creek

Nearly two years after the Creek Fire, a community gathers to plant new trees, helping the Sierra National Forest recover faster and stronger.

By Gabriela Ornelas Energized by Edison Writer

Coming Soon: Charge Your Car at a Power Pole

An innovative pilot project seeks to unlock SCE’s existing infrastructure and make EV charging more convenient.

By Eliza Gano Energized by Edison Writer

Soon, ordinary streetlights, street poles and transformers along Southern California roads will have an extraordinary role to play in the electric transportation revolution, thanks to an innovative pilot program. These standard street fixtures will soon be retrofitted with electric vehicle public charging stations.

The Business Case for DEI

By Casey Wian

Diversity, equity and inclusion are a vital component of Edison’s leadership toward a clean energy future.

Can EVs Power the Grid?

SCE says there are a few hurdles, but we are not that far off during a panel exploring the future of vehicle-to-grid technology.

By Paul Griffo

By 2030, up to half of new electric vehicles could be capable of charging their batteries while they’re plugged in and discharging electricity stored in their batteries back onto the power grid.

This “bidirectional” capability opens up the possibility that EV owners could be paid for the power they make available to the grid.

Making Clean Energy a 'Virtual' Reality

SCE debuts innovative VR technology to promote electrification at this year’s World Ag Expo.

By Gabriela Ornelas, Energized by Edison Writer

After nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, walking among more than a thousand exhibits at the World Ag Expo was a long-awaited return to community interaction for Joel and Ethan Munoz.

Heavyweight Firefighting Aircraft Knocks Out Emerging Wildfires

First-year performance statistics prove SCE-funded helitankers’ unprecedented, round-the-clock capabilities to stop wildfires in their tracks.

By: David Song, Energized by Edison Writer and Roberto Lazarte, Energized by Edison Contributor


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