SCE Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

By Shulie Tornel

As the first and only Mexican-American student enrolled in her Omaha public school, Phyllis Barajas was asked by her first grade teacher, “What are you?” Phyllis quickly responded, “I’m Mexican and I’m proud,” as she was taught by her father. Barajas’ immigrant parents prepared their children to live in two different worlds: a predominantly white neighborhood in Nebraska and their Mexican household.

Yes, You Can Still Drive Your EV During a Power Outage

National Drive Electric Week is a good time for EV test driving and myth busting.

This week, National Drive Electric Week, is a good opportunity for the electric vehicle-curious to see and test drive EVs at various local ride-and-drive events.

It’s also a good time to learn about EVs and dispel misinformation about them, says Chanel Parson, principal manager of eMobility Operations for Southern California Edison.

One of Parson’s favorite myths to bust is that EVs would be useless during a power outage.

Virtual Power Plants: Energy for Your Home and the Grid

Southern California Edison expands program to improve resiliency during extreme weather and other grid-stressing events.

by Julia Roether, Energized by Edison Writer

Virtual power plants are a relatively new solution for customers seeking to increase their resiliency to extreme weather and provide clean energy to the grid when it needs it. They are drawing more interest from homeowners looking to support and contribute to a clean energy future. Southern California Edison is increasing the number of virtual power plants available for customers to participate in.

SoCal Trucking Operations Shift Big Rig Electrification Into High Gear

SCE’s Charge Ready Transport program will provide EV charging for 100 electric trucks, eliminating 8,200 metric tons of harmful emissions annually.

While many fleet operators are test-driving electric big rigs, Southern California Edison is helping two of its customers shift the electrification of their local fleets into high gear.

Rivard Joins SCE to Lead Transmission and Distribution Organization

Heather Rivard brings a passion for safety and customer care to the utility.

Heather Rivard is a Michigan native, born in Flint and a state resident for most of her life. Growing up, she loved being a Girl Scout, ran track and cross country, enjoyed spending time at the lake in the summer and her love for learning made her an excellent student.

“I always excelled at math and science and had a dream of working for NASA when I was young,” Rivard said.

Safely Restoring Power After a Massive Desert Monsoon

SCE crews overcome multiple challenges to reenergize key transmission lines toppled by a storm.

By Casey Wian

Published on September 16, 2021

Shortly after midnight on Aug. 13, an unusually strong monsoon knocked down five Southern California Edison transmission towers- Opens in new window over a remote, two-mile stretch of the western Arizona desert.

Backup Power Sources Help Keep the Lights On

When an emergency or power outage strikes, SCE customers can help keep their household devices running by incorporating a backup battery or portable generator into their safety kit. The utility is offering rebates for qualifying backup generation.

by Gabriela Ornelas

Published on July 27, 2021

Every day, customers power their lives with the safe and reliable delivery of energy from Southern California Edison. When that service is disrupted, whether due to a Public Safety Power Shutoff, maintenance or repairs to the electric grid or a natural disaster, SCE encourages its customers to be prepared with a plan.

SCE Completes Transmission Project to Support California's Clean Energy Goals

West of Devers transmission line enhances reliability while expanding access to renewable energy, storage
Press Release

ROSEMEAD, Calif., July 7, 2021 — Southern California Edison’s support of California’s clean energy goals hit a tangible milestone in May with the completion of upgrades to SCE’s West of Devers transmission lines. The project increases transmission capacity necessary to bring renewable generation — more than 7,000 megawatts of renewable and battery energy storage resources in the coming years — from desert areas in the eastern part of California to the population centers of the Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley. 

SCE Engineers Honored for Enhancing Spent Nuclear Fuel Canister Safety

by John Dobken, Energized by Edison Writer

The Nuclear Energy Institute recently awarded SCE, as well as industry partners RTT Robotics LLC and VRC Metal Systems, with a Top Innovative Practice Award.

Protecting Communities From Wildfires With Data, Devotion

by Gabriela Ornelas, Energized by Edison Writer

After experiencing a devastating wildfire, the Greater Laguna Coast Fire Safe Council is on a mission to make their coast more resilient with grant funding from Edison International.

For a team of volunteers, a morning walk through Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is no leisurely stroll. Twice a month, they make their way through the coastal terrain with a clear purpose: decipher signs of fire danger, invisible to the untrained eye.


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