Get Your Feet Wet in These New Jersey Habitat Conservation Efforts

The New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership brings together 30+ partners from all backgrounds in the name of restoration

Wetlands—as you may guess—are mostly covered by water. But they do so much more, providing some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems for thousands of organisms.

The New Jersey Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership (NJCWRP), which exists to ensure the aquatic habitats throughout the state are protected, has a partnership that is nearly as diverse at the wetlands it protects.

Enbridge ESG Forum: Renewable Natural Gas and Hydrogen

Multimedia with summary

Watch Malini Giridhar, Vice President of Business Development and Regulatory Enbridge Gas, discuss the company’s approach to renewable natural gas and hydrogen blending. 

Enbridge ESG Forum: Wind and Solar Power

Multimedia with summary

Watch Matthew Akman, Senior Vice President, Power and New Energy Technologies Enbridge, discuss the company’s approach to wind and solar power generation.  

Enbridge ESG Forum: Sustainable Operations

Multimedia with summary

Watch Michele Harradence, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer with Gas Transmission and Midstream at Enbridge, discuss the company’s approach to improving pipeline safety.

Enbridge ESG Forum: Achieving Net-Zero GHG Emissions

Multimedia with summary

Watch Pete Sheffield,  Chief Sustainability Officer at Enbridge, discuss the company’s approach to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and lowering scope 3 emissions.

Enbridge ESG Forum: CEO Presentation

Multimedia with summary

Watch Al Monaco, President and CEO at Enbridge, discuss society’s dual challenge of meeting growing energy demand while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Developing a Lean, Clean and Green POWER.HOUSE

Enbridge Gas and partners launch residential hybrid energy pilot project in southern Ontario

What do you get when you equip a single household with multiple smart electrical and thermal systems to generate and store clean energy?

You get a POWER.HOUSE.

A 20-Acre Pollinator Plot, Brought to You by Tomorrow's Leaders

Illinois students launch latest endangered species project, with support and land donation from Enbridge

Who would have thought an outdoor pollinator pilot project could bring together students and staff from nearly every department in a local high school?

Innovative Thermal Thinking Powers This Project

Enbridge Gas and partners announce world’s largest wastewater energy transfer project in Toronto

Enbridge Gas is getting its feet WET with another clean energy solution.

That’s WET, as in wastewater energy transfer—a process that harnesses the dormant energy of wastewater, and creates a lower-carbon method of heating and cooling buildings.

Leaping Societal Barriers With Care, Creativity and Technology

In Ontario, Community Living Essex County provides relief and support for residents with intellectual disabilities

Being together while staying apart. That’s been the name of the game since March 2020.

But assisting people of all ages with an intellectual disability has been the name of the game for Community Living Essex County (CLEC) since 1961; so the organization did as many others did last year, and embraced the shift to virtual.

“Our supports have always involved employment, family, and in home support, so we had to get creative in carrying out our programs and events,” says Tony DeSantis, Manager, Community Relations and Resource Development at CLEC.


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