O-I Glass Issues 2021 Sustainability Report

Report details progress against ambitious 2030 sustainability goals and leadership
Press Release

PERRYSBURG, Ohio, September 7, 2021 /3BL Media/ - O-I Glass, Inc. today published its 2021 Sustainability Report examining the vision, innovation and transformation behind its vision to be the most innovative, sustainable and chosen supplier of brand building packaging solutions. The report highlights the refresh of O-I’s business strategy, elevating sustainability within the company while achieving a number of sustainable firsts for the industry.

Networking Air Compressor Systems for O-I's Plants in France Spells Energy Savings

Written by Allen Mireles

O-I’s facilities across France have invested in centralized computer control systems for air compressors, which translates into lower energy needs, fewer emissions, and substantial cost savings. It’s part of our journey to be the most sustainable producer of the most sustainable rigid packaging.

O-I Offers Fresh View on Single-Issue Sustainability Claims in 2021 Future of Packaging Report


Lightweight. Source reduction. Less fuel during transportation. We’ve all heard these attributes associated with sustainability marketing claims, or justifications for changing packaging materials.

O-I Glass Partners with Peru's Plaza Vea Supermarkets to Make Glass Recycling Easy with #ReciclaConsciente


Plaza Vea, one of Peru’s largest and most popular supermarket chains, is hoping to make recycling easier for its customers with a new national recycling campaign. The campaign is called #ReciclaConsciente and it’s designed to both educate about recycling in Peru as well as facilitate it. O-I is among the partners.

Consumer Desire for 'Better for You' Beverages Persists Through Pandemic

by Diana Goff

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the sudden rise of consumer demands that rattled shoppers who were desperately looking for household necessities – toilet paper or cleaning wipes, anyone? The pandemic also served to strengthen existing trends. As a food and beverage market analyst, one of those trends I’m observing is how brands are responding to what’s known as the “better for you” trend.

Make 'Plastic Free July' Lifestyle Changes Stick for Good


Diets are bad for losing weight and keeping it off for good. That 30-day cleanse or month-long no carb diet might help you temporarily take off a few pounds, but as soon as you go back to your old lifestyle, the pounds come back too. We should all take the same approach with Plastic Free July and make it a lifestyle change, not just a temporary one. And yes, it’s possible to choose to reduce how much plastic you use, if not even more vital to do in the face of a global pandemic.

O-I Supports Social Initiative to Increase Employment in Colombia


The pandemic and the lockdowns that followed have been particularly harsh on some countries, including Colombia. O-I is donating to a new initiative spearheaded by ProAntioquia, a longstanding private foundation in Colombia. The new initiative aims to help groups hit hardest by the pandemic to enter the work force.

O-I Glass Bringing a Sustainable Focus to Spirits Packaging


Brands matter. In the spirits market, it’s incredibly clear how brands – and especially premium brands – seek to differentiate by connecting with consumers through packaging, which translates into pricing power. Complexity, luxury and premiumization are watchwords in this space, but another major demand is sustainability.

O-I Brockway Earns EPA ENERGY STAR® Certification for Superior Energy Efficiency

Brockport, PA facility outperforms similar U.S. plants on measure of energy efficiency
Press Release

PERRYSBURG, Ohio, June 18, 2021 /3BL Media/ – O-I Glass, Inc. has announced its Brockway facility in Brockport, PA has earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR certification, which signifies that the industrial plant performs in the top 25% of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets strict energy efficiency performance levels set by the EPA.

O-I Waco Recognized for Energy Efficiency & Community Support


O-I’s Waco, Texas, plant has received recognition for its active commitment to energy efficiency and its ability to help provide energy to its community when demand is high.

Enel X is one of the largest energy demand response suppliers in the United States. O-I Waco has been named Enel X Texas MVP for the plant’s contribution to supporting a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable energy grid through the supplier’s energy demand response program.


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