Domtar Sustainability for 2020 and Beyond


In both the Pulp & Paper and Personal Care divisions, we have made progress on the sustainability goals outlined in 2019.

The Power of Paper: A Driving Force for Political Change


Aug. 18, 2020, marked the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which granted women the right to vote. It took women’s suffrage activists nearly 100 years to win that right, and the campaign wasn’t easy. But like other movements to create social and political change, it could not have been done without paper.

In Praise of Paper Ballots


As we enter into the 2020 election season, the way in which we participate has the potential to be impacted. From concerns around vote hacking to the fear of exposure to COVID-19, states are under increased scrutiny about how they will handle this year’s election. There is one thing that provides a good solution for both concerns – paper.

The Security of Paper Ballots

Diaper Need: A Growing Problem During a Global Pandemic


Since the coronavirus pandemic began, people have been loading their pantries with household staples like toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, diapers and hand sanitizer. This panic buying — sometimes even hoarding — has depleted store shelves and disrupted supply chains. It’s also exacerbated a growing problem in the United States: diaper need.

Domtar Personal Care Helps Reimagine Active Aging After COVID-19


Senior adults, as well as their families, advocates and caregivers, are looking for ways to live healthy, active lives during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. This global outbreak has forced senior living communities to change how they operate, from cleaning routines and visitor policies to shared meals and social activities. So what will active aging look like in a post-COVID-19 world?

Domtar's Windsor Mill Woodroom Upgrade Cuts Fiber Loss, Increases Productivity

Press Release

June 10, 2020 /3BL Media/ After nearly two years of planning and construction, Windsor Mill’s newly reconfigured woodroom is now one of the largest and most modern in North America. The woodroom upgrade allows the mill to increase productivity while reducing fiber loss between the forest and the mill.

Domtar's Paper-Based Solutions Bring Variety, Creativity to Self-Isolation


Have your kids spent their days during quarantine glued to the TV or tablet? Have you “finished Netflix?” If so, it might be time to unplug and turn to paper-based solutions for enhanced productivity and entertainment.

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has most of us at home, self-isolating with our families while juggling work, distance learning and family entertainment, it might be easy to use screen time to help fill the void left by canceled plans.

Message From Domtar's President and CEO on Inclusion, Diversity and Respect


Many of us have a deep sense of anxiety in these unsettling times, so let us remind ourselves that we, the Domtar community, stand together with a common commitment to inclusion, diversity, respect and support for one another.

Statement on Domtar’s Response to COVID-19


At Domtar, we’re not just a fiber company. We’re a company of fiber.

This has never been more evident than during these past several weeks as we have navigated the unprecedented and unsteady path created by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Spotlight: Women in the Paper and Wood Products Industry from Domtar


This month is Women's History Month, and our industry employs many inspiring women who develop, manufacture, design and market the products we rely on. Women are an invaluable piece of the paper and wood products industry, and we are excited to share with you their stories.

This spotlight will focus on two women from Domtar: Nancy Klembus, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel; Stephanie Morin, Windsor Mill Paper Machine Operation Manager.  


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