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Owens Corning: Materiality & Stakeholder Engagement


In 2020, we conducted a refresh of the 2019 Materiality Assessment, in which we sought to confirm the continued relevance of the existing Material Topics and their relative positioning within the materiality matrix visuals for the company as a whole and broken out by region. The refresh and review process can be described in three steps:

Owens Corning: Progress on Environmental Footprint Goals


2030 Goals for Energy Efficiency & Sourcing Renewable Energy

By 2030: We will be sourcing 100% renewable electricity

Purchasing electricity only from renewable sources is a key part of our effort to halve our greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use overall through energy efficiency improvements in our processes is another important strategy. 

Owens Corning's Product Handprint: 2030 Sustainability Targets and Progress



By 2030: Establish viable circular economy business models involving our materials and how they are used by collaborating up and down the supply chain, with customers, suppliers, communities, academics, policy makers, government entities, and other organizations.

Increase recycled content and decrease virgin raw materials used in our products.

Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Inspiring Healthy Living


Health & Wellness

We set an ambitious aspiration to eliminate all lifestyle induced disease in our employees and their families. And, although we did not have a 2020 Sustainability (metrics-based) Goal directly related to health and wellness, efforts in this area have been an important part of our journey in pursuit of our aspiration.

Helping ensure that our employees and their families thrive, over the past decade we:

Country's Oldest Female WWII Veteran From Ludlow Receives New Roof

by: Katrina Kincade

The oldest living World War II female veteran in the U.S. received a brand new roof on her Ludlow home as part of a veterans assistance program.

The Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project donates the material and Vista Home Improvement donated the labor.

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Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Safety and Company Culture


Living Safely

2020 Goal:

  • Create a workplace free of injury or illness.

Safety has been a primary focus of our culture for two decades, always driven by the aspiration of zero injuries. Many of our plants have had long periods without injuries occurring, so we know that our aspiration is possible. In addition, we have been successful in integrating safety into our acquisitions, rapidly improving their safety performance to be consistent with our legacy operations.

Owens Corning Awarded 2021 National Association of Manufacturers “Manufacturing Leadership Award” for Environmental Sustainability Innovation

FOAMULAR® NGX™ extruded polystyrene earned “High Achiever” recognition for highest score in Sustainability Leadership category

Owens Corning has been recognized as a 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Award recipient for its outstanding achievement in material science innovation supporting environmental sustainability. Additionally, Owens Corning was named a “High Achiever” for receiving the highest score among awardees in the “Sustainability Leadership” category.

The innovation – FOAMULAR® NGX™ (Next Generation Extruded) extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation – reflects Owens Corning’s goal to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030. FOAMULAR®

Owens Corning Earns DOE Better Project Award and Surpasses Better Plants Energy Reduction Goal


Owens Corning is proud to participate in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Plants program, which works with leading manufacturers to boost their competitiveness through improvements in energy efficiency.

Owens Corning Is #1 on the 3BL 100 Best Corporate Citizens List for 2021


Owens Corning is proud to be ranked #1 on 3BL’s 100 best corporate citizens list… again. It’s the first time a company has earned this position three times in a row, and we’re honored to have our work recognized.

Owens Corning’s Social Handprint: Enhancing the Employee Experience


Employee Experience 2020 Targets:

  • Average per employee of 20 hours of development training for our primary workforce and 10 hours of training for our nonprimary (salaried) workforce.

Our simple 2020 goal related to employee experience used a single metric to represent our commitment to employees’ growth and development. Since setting that goal, we have worked to create an employee experience that encompasses many other dimensions.

We have:


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