It Takes Two to Embrace Sustainable Innovation


Imagine releasing a product with a history of “five decades of failure.” That’s exactly what S.C Johnson did this month with the Windex Mini, a concentrated refill pouch that has a variety of economic and environmental benefits for both the company and consumer. The pouch boasts multiple advantages, from using 90 percent less plastic to savings on shipping costs and emissions due to reductions in size and weight. It would seem a clear win-win. And yet, history shows consumers are slow to adopt concentrated products.

New Wave of Enlightened Packaging


Have you ever had “wrap rage”? Do you find yourself fighting a clamshell package armed with blades, brains and brawn and still ending up on the losing side? Why are we still in the packaging dark ages?

SC Johnson Introduces Windex(R) Mini, Hopes to Revolutionize Use of Cleaning Concentrates

Company Invites Consumers to Make Greener Choices, Help Lead the Change
Press Release
(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) RACINE, WI - July 1, 2011 –With today’s launch of Windex® Mini, a concentrated refill pouch that uses 90 percent less plastic packaging than a traditional 26 fluid ounce trigger bottle, global environmental leader SC Johnson is taking another bold step to help consumers make greener choices.

Be Green Packaging Sponsors the 25th Annual Kathy Ireland Children’s Holiday Celebration

Press Release

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) Santa Barbara, Calif. -- December 4, 2010 – Embracing the holiday spirit, Be Green participated in the 25th Annual Kathy Ireland Children’s Holiday Celebration. Over 200 orphans from Los Angeles and Orange counties participated in the festivities at Yard House, who was the host of this year’s event. Be Green attended the event and also donated their compostable products to be used during the celebration.

Dell Plans Pilot to Ship Products in Mushroom Packaging


The power of green drives our sustainable packaging strategy.  Today we're excited to announce the latest material innovation that allows shipment of some of our products in a earth friendly way.  Harvesting and using this organic material is being praised in the media and its story is one you will hear much about in the coming months. Dell's is announcing the beginning of a pilot for mushroom based packaging.

L’Oréal USA Implements New Environmental Assessment Tools to Enhance Sustainable Packaging

Leading Global Beauty Care Company Reinforces Environmental Policy: Respect, Reduce and Replace
Press Release

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) New York - March 10, 2011 - In an effort to reduce the environmental impacts of its beauty product packaging, L’Oréal USA, the subsidiary of the world’s largest beauty company, has introduced two important new assessment tools into the package design process.

Skids, Trays, and Packaging for Green Businesses


As our landfills burst at the seams, there is no doubt that we have a unfortunate penchant for throwing things away.   Like throwing trash out of the window of the car, the trash becomes someone else’s problem.   Neither of this bad habits can be put in a positive light, even if we can get away with it.

Many companies receive supplies, products, and equipment wrapped, secured, and delivered on pallets, skids, trays, and boxes.


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