Celebrating Parents with a Million Acts of Love

“Once you are real… it lasts for always.”

There’s nothing like a child’s love to make you feel real. When your baby locks eyes on yours for the first time, there’s that spark of connection. They wrap those tiny arms around your neck and you’re flooded with unparalleled joy. That first “I love you”? It cracks your heart right open.

Pampers' Baby Care Program


Supporting Parents of Premature Babies

P&G Launching ‘Smart Diapers’ with Help from Google


Procter & Gamble worked with a Google subsidiary to develop a baby monitoring system that alerts parents via a smartphone app if a Pampers diaper needs changing.

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Pampers, Donte Palmer & John Legend Encourage Dads to Love the Change with 5,000 Changing Tables

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Pampers recognizes dads are more hands-on than ever and wants to help enable them to take the best care of their babies while on diaper duty! New Pampers research reveals that 9 out of 10 dads have gone into a public restroom that has not had a baby changing table.

Pampers has Invented Unique SmartBbins to Enable Diaper Waste Collection

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FaterSMART in Italy created breakthrough technology that recycles used absorbent hygiene products. As the first diaper brand to turn recycled diapers into new products and materials, Pampers has invented unique smart bins to enable diaper waste collection.

P&G Ad Featuring Super Bowl Halftime Performer Adam Levine


According to a recent study that P&G commissioned for Pampers, 90 percent of dads consider themselves to be “hands-on.” But more than half feel society places less value on a father’s parenting role. 

“As millions of families tune in to watch Super Bowl LIII together, Pampers believes this is the perfect moment to celebrate the changing role of dads and shine a spotlight on the unique bond they share with their babies,” P&G stated. 

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Pampers’ “1 Pack = 1 Vaccine” Celebrates 10 Years of Impact


There's no denying that cause marketing has evolved from its inception over 30 years ago. Campaigns are flashier, consumers are more critical and the issues are more complex. And although some pundits may be issuing the cry to "kill cause marketing," it's hard to argue with the incredible impact a strong and compelling cause marketing campaign can make on the world around us. This year, one campaign celebrates 10 years of life-changing work through a simple call to action.

Cause Marketers Bring 'Authenticity' & 'Relationships' to CMF12


The watchwords of the 2012 Cause Marketing Forum were ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Relationships’ – two notions we at Network for Good have long endorsed as vital components of cause engagement.  It was encouraging to hear these same themes peppered throughout numerous presentations by cause marketers of all stripes.

2012 Cause Marketing Forum Conference - An Interview with Nada Dugas, Communications Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa of Pampers

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(3BL Media) June 13, 2012 - Nada Dugas, Communications Director, Europe, Middle East, and Africa of Pampers sat down for an interview at the 2012 Cause Marketing Forum Conference, which took place May 30th and 31st in Chicago, IL.

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