Imaging Technology on Mars Breaks New Ground


by  Danny Scheffer 

While the rest of the world continues to talk about autonomous vehicles, NASA recently landed one on another planet! On February 18th, 2021, the Mars 2020 mission delivered the Perseverance rover safely to the planet’s surface. The world watched, albeit not exactly in real-time, as the rover entered the planet’s atmosphere, descended and finally landed.

The New ‘3Ps’ of Sustainability: Pragmatism, Perseverance and Passion

By Rob Threlkeld, GM Global Manager of Renewable Energy

In sustainability, we often talk about the “three Ps” of the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. At GM, we use it as a framework to evaluate our performance as a company and leverage it to develop solutions to a variety of societal and environmental challenges.

As corporate citizens, it is our responsibility to protect our customers and the communities where they live. We also strengthen our business by operating this way. In the case of renewable energy, we save $5 million annually while delivering cleaner air to communities.

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