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T-Mobile Helps You Take Action Against Phone Scams

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Identity theft security expert Carrie Kerske explains that while fraudsters change their tactics to try and avoid being caught, there are some common characteristics of a scam call that remain true. As scam artists rev up to take advantage of people during the upcoming tax season, as well as exploit new anxieties of vaccination eligibility during the pandemic, Kerske helps you to protect yourself from being one of their victims.

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How to Protect Yourself and Loved Ones from COVID-19 Phone Scams

Free T-Mobile tools can help identify and stop scammers in their tracks

Just as technology has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years, so to have the tactics of those who use it to scam and steal from the most vulnerable. Now, as more and more Americans brace for the possible health and economic fallouts from the current COVID-19 outbreak, scammers are proving themselves to be another rising threat, harnessing the fear and uncertainty many of us feel day to day on a growing basis.

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