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Companies Who Communicate Breakthrough When Facing Greenwashing Scrutiny


Last week, Porter Novelli asked if COP26 was a cop-out and provided key takeaways for the business community. This week we’re diving into the scrutiny (earned or not) brands face when they make net-zero promises.

Stitch Fix and Venus Williams Tackle “Gymtimidation”


As a new year kicks off, many people take this as a time to set personal health goals and hit the gym. But for many women, especially millennials and new moms, getting back to their fitness routines can be intimidating. Today we explore how one company is emboldening women to be more confident and comfortable in achieving their wellness ambitions.

The Home Depot Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy With Acts of Service


On Monday, we celebrate the 39th Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. Since 1994, when Congress designated it as a national day of service, brands and individuals alike spend the day furthering Dr. King’s legacy through giving back to the community around them. Today we dive into how one brand is honoring Dr. King through volunteerism and an expanded partnership for a lasting impact.

3 Key Takeaways From COP26 for the Private Sector


Like the climate crisis itself, the headlines coming out of COP26 have been hard to ignore. For almost three decades, world governments have come together at COP to forge a global response to the climate emergency and find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Prove Your Purpose: A $30 Million Commitment to Founders of Color in Outdoor Industry


The great outdoors should be enjoyed by all, but there is a gap in who has access to it. This inequity isn’t only in experiencing nature itself, but also in entering the business surrounding the activities.

LEGO Goes Gender Neutral to Combat Gender Biases


According to a recent study, 1.2 million Americans identify as gender neutral today – with another global study finding that Gen Z is now four times more likely to identify as trans, nonbinary, genderfluid, or something other than a traditional binary identity.

Key Takeaways From SB'21 San Diego


This week, members of the Porter Novelli team safely hit the road to San Diego for the return of the annual Sustainable Brands conference. This year’s hybrid event focused on “regeneration” and convened sustainability’s greatest thinkers and leaders from the world’s largest brands. The event was packed full of inspiring speakers, panels, and breakout groups, all talking about what regeneration meant to them – and what is needed to restore our planet.

Introducing the 2021 Porter Novelli Focus: Financial Equity


According to the International Trade Commission, by the end of 2018, the U.S. banking system had $17.9 trillion in assets and a net income of $236.8 billion – it services the largest economy in the world and is a bell-weather for broader global markets.

P&G and Walmart Team Up to Assist Consumers in Eco-friendly Choices


With reports from the IPCC calling “code red” on climate, Americans are becoming exponentially more aware and concerned about the world’s climate crisis. Still, most are not sure how they can contribute to solving such an immense threat as an individual. One place they are looking for answers is the corporate sector.


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