Power of mLearning in Kenya

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In 2003, primary school education in Kenya was made free for all and it became possible for unprecedented numbers of young Kenyans to enroll. Although the government succeeded in getting pupils through the school doors, challenges such as teacher shortages, high levels of absenteeism among both students and teachers, and lack of textbooks and other educational resources all constrain provision of high quality education to all learners, particularly in public schools.

The Future of Innovation Relies On Students' Interest in Stem. Here's How One Robotics Program Is Creating a Competitive Talent Pipeline.


As we emerge from the global pandemic, most industries will require time, skilled workers, and innovation to rebuild from COVID-19's global disruption. To move forward, we will need an influx of creative, highly trained, and innovative talent to reshape, realign, and reimagine a future where all people and industries can thrive.

Qualcomm Innovation Ambassador Teams Announced

By Rebecca Berggren

What better time to announce our four new Qualcomm Innovation Ambassador teams than during #NationalInventorsMonth?

Small Business as a Cause

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While not a traditional “cause”, the plight of small business has attracted significant attention (and funding) from large corporations over the past year. H&R Block's Paul Ramos and Qualcomm's Angela Baker share how their companies are working to engage consumers and employees in support of small businesses as well as empower and spotlight minority-owned micro-enterprises.

Qualcomm Partners With Georgia Smart City To Test Out Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Technology

Peachtree Corners, Georgia will serve as the testing ground for a new slate of technology including autonomous vehicles.

By Jonathan Greig

Qualcomm has announced a new deal with the government of Peachtree Corners, Georgia, and Jacobs that will see the three organizations roll out a variety of technology related to Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology.

Writing a New Chapter in Mobile Learning

What is needed to address the post-pandemic needs of students and teachers

In the last fifteen months, education systems across the world have seen the need for student access to digital devices and reliable connectivity exacerbated as schools adapted to new teaching models in response to the pandemic. More than a billion students across the globe were confronted with the new reality of remote learning; many of whom were left behind, without the adequate digital tools and means to connect to their classrooms. Now, educators are assessing how to better prepare for a new chapter of learning to address all student’s mobile learning needs.

Collaborating Builds Our Bench Strength


Qualcomm has identified strategic partners to accelerate our inclusion and diversity programs. Our continued engagement with organizations that work with diverse communities has been vital to our success at increasing female and minority representation.

We’re building our bench strength through collaborations with the below organizations.

Anita Borg Institute (ABI)

How Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program Participants Are Using Premium Connectivity To Build a More Sustainable Future


The pandemic devastated communities and small businesses around the world, and accelerated digital transformation across industries. Now more than ever, technology is vital for staying connected, maintaining businesses, and uplifting our communities. 

Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab at Lewis Middle School


Lewis Middle School transformed a former library computer lab, a media room, and a wood shop into Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ spaces. Sixth graders take semester-long courses in coding with engineering projects and practices built in. The 7th and 8th graders have a choice between engineering and digital design classes that incorporate coding and the engineering process to create real world projects.

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity Among Employees


Qualcomm continued to expand its programs and activities promoting our inclusive and diverse culture among employees globally. GID’s support extends to our eight strong and vibrant Employee Networks (ENs), which added eight chapters globally while also increasing their domestic membership. Among domestic ENs, our African and African American Diversity (QAAAD) EN increased its membership more than 170 percent.


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