Who's Responsible for Corporate Responsibility at Qualcomm? Everyone.


Who’s responsible for Corporate Responsibility at Qualcomm? Everyone. We’ve integrated corporate responsibility throughout our Company, from our daily operations to our executive leadership and our Board of Directors (the “Board”). Our governance structure exists to facilitate accountability, transparency and the ongoing improvement of our programs.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach: Wireless-enabled Video Solutions for Tuberculosis Treatment

Mobile video content enhances remote training and counseling for TB management

Tuberculosis (TB) has been treatable for the past 60 years, yet remains a leading cause of death worldwide.1 In 2018 alone, 10 million people fell ill with TB, and 1.5 million people died from the disease.2 Many countries have run TB control programs for decades and achieved good results, but global eradication is distant. The TB treatment regimen prescribed by the World Health Organization is painful and lengthy, requiring at least six months of adherence. Getting patients to adhere to this regimen is a challenge.

Addressing the Climate Crisis


In 2020, we saw a shift in the climate change conversation: the link between climate risk and a company's long-term success came to the forefront and the transition to a low-carbon economy became more important than ever.

While we have been committed to minimizing our impact on the planet for many years, we renewed our commitment in 2020 by voluntarily disclosing under the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards. These frameworks are standardizing data in a meaningful and actionable way. 

A Conversation About Qualcomm Wireless Reach With Hiram Lopez-Landin

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Wireless Reach brings advanced wireless technologies to people and communities who need it most. These programs demonstrate pioneering uses of our Company’s mobile innovations to help drive human and economic progress in underserved areas globally.

Learn more about Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™

A Conversation About Inclusion and Diversity With Glenn Williams

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Qualcomm has approximately 41,000 people represented by 109 nationalities working in more than 175 locations in 30 countries. Collectively, we speak 74 languages. We strive to be a community that reflects the world which we transform every day. That means working to ensure all our people have the chance to make their mark on innovation.

Learn more about Qualcomm's inclusion and diversity commitments

Episode 46: Talking Women in AI with MIT Technology Review [podcast]

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What makes women critical to the successful adoption of AI? What are some of the AI breakthroughs that have been driven by women? And how are academic institutions and industry working together to promote more women in AI?

FIRST - Fostering a Pipeline of STEM Leaders


Our ongoing collaboration with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is another important way that we’re investing in programs that increase access to STEM education and help to build a pipeline of STEM leaders across the globe.

Q&A: Qualcomm Pushes Diversity for Business Boost

By Diana Goovaerts

Qualcomm’s chief diversity officer Vicki Mealer-Burke (pictured) spoke to Mobile World Live about variegation in the technology industry, why it’s good for business and what steps companies can take to support it in the workplace.

The tech industry has been criticised for a lack of diversity, but change seems slow. What do you think is standing in the way?

Promoting Patent Diversity


We believe that bringing talent and diversity together is the key to unleashing creativity, innovation and breakthrough technologies. As part of our efforts to grow the innovation economy, we’re creating a pipeline of diverse inventors and patent holders.

Qualcomm Drops 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

By Patrick Moorhead | Senior Contributor

The end of a year, and even more so, the end of a decade, is a time when companies look back, take stock of their accomplishments and progress and set new goals for the coming year and beyond.


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