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Working Remotely on the Farm

How will agriculture keep the world fed in 2020 and beyond? For many farmers, the answer is automatic. The technology keeping farms productive this year is the same technology that has the power to make agriculture more sustainable for decades to come.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down nearly every border worldwide, which means many of the seasonal farmworkers who travel to plant and harvest much of the world’s crops are stuck in place. This is just one obstacle facing our food system this season, but its effects could be mitigated. To overcome this challenge, farmers are relying on one of agriculture’s most trusted resources—human ingenuity.

From planting to harvest, farmers are further investing in tools like automation, digital platforms, and other precision agriculture methods to keep food production moving. 

Webinar: The Hybrid Workplace Evolution: Ergonomics and Wellness Considerations

Press Release

August 11, 2021 /3BL Media/ - As office spaces begin to reopen across the globe, employees may not be returning to the same office space they left back in the spring of 2020. Some employees may not be returning at all as they shift to permanent remote working arrangements. Many companies are adopting a flexible hybrid working model that allows employees to work remotely a few days per week. Additionally, employees may no longer have an assigned desk or workspace within the office.

Clarivate: Setting the Course for Our Workplace of the Future


A cultural and organizational transformation has begun at Clarivate, where every decision and every opportunity is approached with the assumption and mindset that the solution will better connect us through technology.

Digital Nomads and the New Fountain of Youth

Harnessing the power of mobile technology, workers of all ages are redefining the idea of location independence, and with it redefining their very lives.

By John Regan

The term  “digital nomad” may initially conjure up an image of twentysomethings traversing the world and posting Instagrammable meals in FOMO-inducing locales. But in truth, today’s digital nomads span all age groups — and a fast-growing sector is the 50-plus demographic.

Stories of Who We Are: Taiko Kobayashi — Bright Future in Tokyo


At VMware, we believe in what our people make possible. Our Stories of Who We Are puts a spotlight on the unique and compelling perspectives of our people that shape our journey as a company.

The Human Rights Impacts of Workplace Monitoring Technology

Employers are using keystrokes, webcam photos, and screen capture to monitor remote workers’ productivity—but can they do it in a rights-respecting way?

By: Hannah Darnton, Associate Director, BSR; Susan Morgan, Senior Advisor, BSR; Chhavi Ghuliani, Director, Partnership Development, BSR

The monitoring of employees by employers is not a new phenomenon, but it seems to be entering a distinctly new phase.

Tooling Up For The Post-Pandemic Era

By Ron Nersesian, Chairman and CEO of Keysight Technologies

Disruptions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic have been broad and substantial, but the responses to those challenges have also been promising. In particular, the technologies that have been deployed to accommodate the need for personal distancing may also provide a guide to managing life and work in the post-pandemic era.

Employee's Passion for Fitness Helps a Company Get in Shape

By Ashley Accardo, Public Affairs Representative

In early spring, the United States and other nations went into lockdown to combat the spread of COVID-19. In just a few days, millions of office workers found themselves logging in from dining tables, hunching over smaller screens, sitting in uncomfortable chairs, and attending long meetings on Zoom, Teams, or Skype.

Technology Predictions from an Electronic Design and Test Thinktank


In 2020, the world experienced an unprecedented public health crisis – the coronavirus pandemic. This has impacted all sectors of society and forced enterprises, small businesses, governments and private institutions to pivot, in some cases extensively, to accelerate digital transformations and rethink the way innovation is achieved. Keysight executives comment on the shape-shifting business operations and technology trends that are unfolding through the lens of the pandemic, the effects of which will continue to have lasting effects on organizations and society.

Hindsight Is 2020

This year, like everything else, resolutions are looking different — thankfully the year behind has offered us a blueprint for the year ahead.

Last year around this time, we at T-Mobile Stories were thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. Heck, we even offered up “5 Ways Your Device Can Help You Keep Your 2020 Resolutions” (There’s still some pretty solid advice there, even a few tips we didn’t know we’d need just a couple months later. “Do Not Disturb” mode, anyone?)


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