Richard Wright

One Billion People Will Be Affected by Rising Temperature

by Richard Wright

A billion people could be affected by extreme heat stress if the world’s temperature rises by 2°C, the Met Office has revealed. 

Heat stress, a deadly mixture of heat and humidity, is threatening the lives of people in regions across the globe, but figures could rise by nearly 15 times. 

According to the Met Office, at the new temperature, the number of people living in areas affected could rise from 68 million to one billion and a 4.0°C rise could see nearly half of the world’s population living in areas potentially affected. 

UPS Longitudes | From the Blank Canvas to the Bigger Picture

Elliott Hubbard @ Elliott Hubbard Fine Art

The author Richard Wright said, “An artist deals with aspects of reality different from those which a scientist sees.” Right now, the reality that scientists — and most people — see is a pandemic. And right now, artists can’t help but see that same reality.

Art shows — the main way many artists show their work — halted. Art galleries closed. It’s not just about seeing the art, which is important, but about connecting with the artist.

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