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RSF Social Finance Seeks Social Impact Fellows


In the spirit of building the field of social finance, RSF Social Finance is excited to announce our sixth year of the Social Impact Fellowship. We are eager to support the development of the next generation of inspiring leaders and to bring a fresh perspective to our business development activities.

RSF Social Finance Announces Shared Gifting North Carolina

Press Release

August 5, 2015 /3BL Media/ -  RSF Social Finance is thrilled to announce that we are hosting a Shared Gifting circle in the triangle area of North Carolina. This is RSF’s fifth Shared Gifting circle, but the first in North Carolina. The reason for this announcement is to raise $50,000 in matching funds for Shared Gifting NC.

PACT Apparel Works to Transform the Supply Chain


This article was originally published in the Summer 2015 RSF Quarterly.

by Melinda Cheel

Pick up a three-pack of men’s T-shirts for $8 and you feel good about getting a great deal—until you consider the true environmental and social costs. Toxic pesticides were used to grow the cotton. The garments were sewn by a sweatshop worker who labors long hours for below-poverty wages. And the T-shirts will wear out before you know it.

The Next 25 Social Enterprise Stars: Forging New Relationships


This article was originally published in the Summer 2015 RSF Quarterly.

by Ted Levinson

There’s still time to refer potential borrowers to RSF Social Finance through our Next 25 Social Enterprise Stars campaign (see excellent examples below), but we’re close enough to the end of this yearlong campaign to reflect on the results. Not surprisingly, it’s all about the relationships.

RSF Social Finance Purchases $9 Million in Solar Bonds from SolarCity

Transaction sparks relationship between social enterprise and clean energy leaders
Press Release

San Franscisco, July 23, 2015 /3BL Media/ — RSF Social Finance (RSF) is pleased to announce that it has purchased $9 million in solar bonds from clean energy leader SolarCity, which launched its public bond offering  to individual consumers in October.

From the Field: New Study Helps Food Hubs Thrive


By Karen Macdonald - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Food hubs are a growing movement across the country and are focused on making healthy, local food accessible to a broader audience while ensuring fair returns to farmers. A break from the traditional approach to food marketing and distribution, food hubs have been in need of more data to give growers insights about how best to organize, price and operate to achieve their social objective and earn enough revenue to succeed.

RSF Social Finance Employee Profile: Anna Lin-Campbell


by Jenn Raley Miller

As part of our Social Impact Assessment (as mentioned in RSF’s 2014 Annual Report), RSF Social Finance employees answer a series of questions about the impact of our culture and work on them. A key assumption is that working on oneself is an important aspect of transforming the way the world works with money. The following is a glimpse into one employee’s personal journey.

Madécasse Breaks the Mold by Making Chocolate at the Source


When former Peace Corps volunteers Tim McCollum and Brett Beach looked for ways to make a social impact in Madagascar, they focused on one of the ironies of African economies: the continent is rich in raw materials, but it rarely reaps the benefits. That’s because foreign companies buy up Africa’s resources and take them offshore for manufacturing.

RSF Social Finance Summer Quarterly: Is There Commonwealth in Ecology?


In the latest issue of the RSF Quarterly, we focus on the role of community in stewarding our natural resources. Chet Tchozewski, founder and director of Global Greengrants Fund, discusses his work around empowering the people affected by mining and how this has potential to change an industry. Learn how RSF borrower PACT Apparel is working to transform the supply chain from the grassroots level by producing Fair Trade-certified clothing.


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