Rural Development and Responsible Sourcing

Nestlé Committed to Sustainable Fisheries and Healthy Fish Farms

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Fish and seafood are precious resources to our planet and all who live on it, particularly for the people in some of the poorest countries in the world who rely on healthy fisheries for their primary source of protein. At Nestlé, we understand the importance of having sustainable fisheries and healthy fish farms, as well as the immense challenges we must overcome to responsibly source fish and seafood. As the largest buyer of fish and seafood among our U.S.

Nestlé's Significant Commitment on Farm Animal Welfare

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Beginning in 2012 and strengthened in 2014, Nestlé made a significant commitment on farm animal welfare, working with World Animal Protection, a global animal welfare organization and SGS, an independent auditor based in Switzerland, to assess our suppliers against specific commitments. In 2015 Nestlé continued its efforts toward improving farm animal welfare and pledged to use exclusively cage-free eggs in the United States in our human foods by 2020, establishing an accelerated timeline compared to industry peers.

Nestlé in the U.S. Committed to Implementing Responsible Sourcing

Supplier Diversity
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Nestlé in the U.S. is committed to establishing and growing successful business relationships with qualified and certified diverse suppliers that reflect the gender, cultural and ethnic diversity of the consumers we serve. Our sourcing environment includes small businesses that are women-, minority- and veteranowned. Our strategy for engaging the best of these suppliers revolves around continual outreach and education, cultivating relationships and inclusion of in-country events.

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