Sea Shepherd

Faces of Acre - Working to protect our Oceans

by Grace Coleman

Behind the scenes of the impactful roles we place, the teams we build, our dedication to tackling climate change and sustainability challenges, is our ever growing and passionate team. In our ongoing ‘Faces of Acre’ series, we want to shine a spotlight on the people who make up the Acre team and give our employees a platform to share their passions, speak up on important topics and talk about the pro bono work they take part in.  

Charities Making a Splash This World Oceans Day


​Never underestimate the power of the ocean – a flat, calm sea one day can become a powerful and almighty force the next, which can churn up a very different experience.

However, potential dangers aside, we mustn’t underestimate its power because, quite simply, without the oceans, we wouldn’t be here.

Oceans keep us alive, providing at least 50 percent of the planet’s oxygen and absorbing about 30 percent of the carbon dioxide we produce - a healthy ocean plays a critical role in the climate crisis solution.

Earthxtv and Sea Shepherd Announce “Africa Success Stories” on Exclusive Worldwide Monthly Online Series, Ocean Action Reports, Hosted by Captain Paul Watson

Press Release

EarthX is presenting an exclusive worldwide online series, Sea Shepherd - Ocean ACTION Reports on EarthxTV. Hosted by legendary Sea Shepherd Founder, Captain Paul Watson, the new monthly series features half-hour episodes with the courageous captains and crews of Sea Shepherd’s campaigns underway around the world to save our imperiled oceans and threatened marine wildlife.

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