NERC CIP Standards for Threat Visibility & Detection for Critical Infrastructure

Vulnerability of Critical Electricity Infrastructure

By Gail Ow, Sr. Industrial Solutions Manager

Grid modernization has created an explosion of network-connected equipment, exposing utilities to a wide range of potential threats from nation states, criminals, disgruntled employees, and accidental misconfiguration (which happens far more often than you might think). The problem isn’t ‘grid modernization’ per se, but the ‘explosion of network connected equipment’, including SCADA equipment, which is exposing previously air gapped industrial control systems to the internet.

From Solution Integrator to Solutions Architect: One Individual's Exciting Career Journey


What’s it like to work as a security expert for a global company, which invests heavily in security and offers an open invitation to customers for dialogue on the issue? And how can one make the most of the opportunities presented in such an environment to evolve professionally? Hermann Maurer is here to answer these questions and walk you through his own inspiring and motivating story.

Taking the first step

Engineering Impact: Data Privacy and Security

Excerpts from the 2021 Medtronic Integrated Performance Report

By investing in information security, product security, and data privacy, we comply with regulations, build investor confidence, retain customer trust, and respect patients.

Securing the Supply Chain and Critical Infrastructure


The modern concept of a supply chain now applies to software, too. Unfortunately, hackers have noticed the increased connectedness of factories and critical infrastructure, and the improved, digital, internet-connected devices these manufacturers use are now at risk.

Gail Ow, senior industrial solutions manager at Keysight Technologies, explores how to secure the technology supply chain and why manufacturers, infrastructure, and consumers all have an active role in making our world safer.

The Summer of Scam! (And How to Avoid It)

As T‑Mobile amps up its industry‑leading phone scam protections this summer, we offer ways you can use your mobile device to avoid the most common summer pitfalls that scam you out of the best season!

Ahhh, summertime! You’ve got old school Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff blasting in the background, the top down on your car, with nothing but a cold brew coffee in hand and plans to lounge on the beach all day.

Or wait … is that cinematic summer scene all a scam? The humidity, the mosquitos, that sunburn!

The Rise of Water Investing


by Justin Winter, Portfolio Manager and Director, Impax Asset Management 

Clean water and sanitation for all is the subject of the United Nations’ sixth sustainable development goal, and an increasingly relevant topic to both emerging markets and the developed world. The need for water infrastructure is great in the developing world, and in the developed world, ensuring access to clean water is an ever-present issue, as recent crises have illustrated. This brings opportunities for sustainable investors.

ITS Sustainable Mobility Maritime Transport Foundation and Costa Group Have Signed a Cooperation Agreement: 12 Months on Board and 1200 Hours of Lessons for the Training of New Engineer Officers

Today the press conference for the presentation of the project was held in Regione Campania Council room
Press Release

NAPLES, Italy, March 11, 2019 /3BL Media/ — Today at the headquarters of Regione Campania (Sala De Sanctis, Via Santa Lucia), eng. Felice Siciliano, President of the ITS MSTM Foundation (Sustainable Maritime Transport Mobility), and Neil Palomba, President of Costa Cruises, signed - in the presence of the Education Councillor Lucia Fortini - an important cooperation agreement: Costa Group will work with the ITS Foundation in the training of students who are preparing to become engineer officers.

National PTA Launches ‘PTA Connected’ to Help Families Navigate the Digital World

Press Release

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 18, 2018 /3BL Media/ —National PTA announced today the launch of PTA Connected, an initiative to educate and engage families in digital wellness, security, access, equity and literacy. The initiative formalizes and builds on the association’s work in the digital space in response to the growing needs and interest of parents nationwide. National PTA is launching PTA Connected with support from presenting and founding sponsor Symantec.


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