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Changing the Way We Do Business


When was the last time you upended your life – reevaluated the way you work, radically shifted how you measure success – and convinced 100,000 people to do it with you?

Now consider how the pharmaceutical industry traditionally markets and sells its products:

Designing Inspiring and Healthy Workplaces


As a healthcare company, we focus on how we can best support the wellbeing of patients, consumers, and our employees. We aim to create healthy, safe and inclusive workplaces where everyone at GSK can feel energized and inspired to realize their potential and help us meet global health challenges. And this means rethinking the physical structures where we spend much of our time.

Place matters to health

Evolving Our Graduated Approach to Intellectual Property


In developing countries, millions of people have no access to even the most basic healthcare services, including safe and effective medicines. Increasingly, developing countries are hit with the double burden of infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, and the growing problem of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes and cancer.

A graduated approach to intellectual property

Hunting for Energy Savings


You never know what you might find when you hunt for waste.

In 2010, we committed to reducing our environmental impact by 2020 in the following ways: 

Points of Light Civic Accelerator Launches Fall 2016 Cohort, Focused on Educational and Workforce Success for Detroit Area Youth

Founding partners PwC Charitable Foundation, and The Starbucks Foundation, along with the Ford Motor Company Fund, Hilton Worldwide, Dentons, and Singing for Change, the Points of Light Civic Accelerator invest in 15 ventures addressing disconnected youth
Press Release

ATLANTA, September 22, 2016 /3BL Media/ – The Points of Light Civic Accelerator – the first national accelerator dedicated to investing in civic ventures – announced today the 15 ventures selected to participate in its Fall 2016 program. These civic start-ups include for-profits and nonprofits focused on increasing educational outcomes and workforce success for youth in the Detroit and Great Lakes region.

P&G Documentary Remembers the Victims and Honors the Survivors of Haiyan

Multimedia with summary

This 13-minute P&G documentary remembers the victims and honors the survivors of Haiyan by shining a light on what remains after the storm: the Filipino resilience to overcome challenges, the ability to rise again, and the tremendous strength to move forward after so much loss.

View the documentary on YouTube

The Elders of Tata: India’s Forgotten Fathers of Conscious Capitalism

by Josh Caplan

In each sector of public life, there are heroes we adore. For music, it's The Beatles and Michael Jackson. In the sports world, Michael Jordan fits the bill. So while social entrepreneurs like myself may not attempt to lip sync or slam-dunk, we have our own heroes to look up to. I myself am eternally inspired by social entrepreneurship pioneers, Dr.

Twitter Chat on Millennials and Social Entrepreneurship


To participate on 10/23 Twitter Chat, send out the following tweet:

Join  and  to discuss millennials and social entrepreneurship at  on 10/23 at Noon EST 


To participate on 10/23 Twitter Chat, send out the following tweet:

Join  and  to discuss millennials and social entrepreneurship at  on 10/23 at Noon EST 

2014 Social Innovation Relay Winners


What do malaria-fighting mosquito traps, a hydro-bucket that can reintroduce plant life to arid regions and urban-exploration mobile apps have in common?

Bright young minds have been hard at work coming up with these creative ideas.

PACT Apparel Releases Organic Cotton Fair Trade Certified™ Line

Line Includes First Ever Fair Trade Certified Baby Clothes
Press Release

BOULDER, CO, July 16, 2014 /3BL Media/ -  PACT, an ethical and organic apparel basics brand, announced today that it is releasing one of the largest organic cotton Fair Trade Certified™ lines by a US apparel brand. The line features 78 different items across 19 product styles including the first ever Fair Trade Certified™ baby clothes.


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