Stakeholder engagement

The Global Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement


Effective corporate citizenship programs look not only at the social issues they seek to address, but also at the root causes of those issues, assessing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues both at the macro and micro levels simultaneously.

Crafting the Message in Corporate Social Responsibility Communications

by Kristie Byrum, Ph.D., APR

The imperative to accurately and effectively communicate is born from the moment the corporate social responsibility program is established. Communicating the effort, both internally among key stakeholders and externally outside the walls of the corporation to the myriad of those external audiences that can make the program a success or failure, deserves both attention to detail and an allocation of financial resources in the CSR program budget.

Liberty Global Publishes 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report


Liberty Global plc (“Liberty Global”) (NASDAQ: LBTYA, LBTYB, LBTYK, LILA and LILAK) today announced the publication of its 2014 Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) Report, which provides an overview of its economic, social and environmental impacts and performance.

Edmond de Rothschild Group Publishes First Sustainability Report


The Edmond de Rothschild Group has set out its strategic sustainability ambitions for the first time at Group level.

This first report presents the five pillars of the Group's susta

Navigating the Rapids of Sustainability Reporting

By: Jenny Robertson

My first (and only) experience white-water rafting, I was separated from the boat, sucked under by a rapid current and shot out about 50 yards downstream. I’m a fairly strong swimmer, but still had a moment of panic when I realized I couldn’t tell which way was up.

Sharpening our Focus: Bombardier’s Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality


Stakeholder engagement helps us develop and continuously evolve our business strategy. By engaging a broad spectrum of stakeholders around their interests, motivations and perceptions, we can develop a more integrated view of the issues that impact our business. These insights ultimately inform the programs and initiatives we put in place to achieve our enterprise-wide vision as well as our external reporting priorities.

The Elders of Tata: India’s Forgotten Fathers of Conscious Capitalism

by Josh Caplan

In each sector of public life, there are heroes we adore. For music, it's The Beatles and Michael Jackson. In the sports world, Michael Jordan fits the bill. So while social entrepreneurs like myself may not attempt to lip sync or slam-dunk, we have our own heroes to look up to. I myself am eternally inspired by social entrepreneurship pioneers, Dr.

Top 10 Stakeholder Issues Report of 2015

Multimedia with summary

Each year, Future 500 releases a Top 10 report of what we predict will be the most critical issues driving stakeholder engagement in the coming year. It consists of a breakdown and analysis of the key issues based on interactions with a broad range of stakeholders – funders, activists, companies and policy makers, to name a few. From politics to energy production, ocean acidification to deforestation, 2015 will continue to present a wide range of challenges that will require stakeholder attention. 

Watch our video breaking down the Top 10 issues in just 2 (fun!) minutes

Reflections on Our Land Rights Journey


It has now been over a year since we made our commitment on zero-tolerance for land grabs. As part of the rigorous value chain analysis of our human rights impacts that we undertake, land rights had surfaced as one of the risks.


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