Supply Chain Sustainability

How to Create a More Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain


What is supply chain sustainability? As a business, do you want to build a supply chain that is resilient in the face of the struggles we experience today? For an answer to these questions and more, read Antea Group's new blog.

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Sourcing Our Fuels Responsibly: From Coffee to Electricity

by Scott Macmurdo

Today is National Coffee Day, and millions of Americans are kicking off their mornings with the caffeinated beverage that powers our fast-paced lives. Most aren’t thinking about the journey that coffee makes from a farm half a world away to the cup in their hand, but as a sustainability professional, I just can’t help myself. You can call it a blessing—or a curse. 

Seeing the World from the Eyes of Your Supplier

Engage vs. Demand

By Jennifer Anderson

Supply chains are a critical element of sustainability success for most companies. Yet working on supply chain sustainability is a challenging task. It’s hard enough to get people in your own company to change their behavior, but influencing the actions of those in another company—even as a large customer—can seem nearly impossible.

NAEM’s 2017 Sustainability Conference to Explore Emerging Issues, New Areas for EHS&S Leadership

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As companies integrate sustainability deeper into the fabric of their businesses, it is changing more than just how they manage themselves—it’s shaping their relationships with suppliers, stakeholders and investors as well.

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Walmart Addresses Global Challenges Through Business and Philanthropy

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Walmart and the Walmart Foundation use philanthropy to complement Walmart’s  business initiatives as well as the efforts of others in civil society, business, and government to drive systemic improvements in economic opportunity, supply chain sustainability, and community resilience.

The problems being addressed are both large scale and complex, but Walmart believes that by working with their grantees and collaborators from the private sector, they can lead the way in driving significant, lasting change.

6 Key Findings on the State of Global Supply Chains


UN Global Compact and Ernst & Young (EY) interviewed 70 companies across different regions and industries in order to uncover the current state of global supply chains. In the recently-released report “The State of Sustainable Supply Chains: Building Responsible and Resilient Supply Chains,” Global Compact and EY presented 6 key findings on how companies are pursuing supply chain sustainability:

7 Steps Leading Corporations are Implementing to Achieve Resilient Supply Chains


UN Global Compact Calls on Chief Executives to make Supply Chain Sustainability a Top Business Priority; Engaging Suppliers beyond Tier 1 Still Poses a Big Challenge

What can we as a global community achieve in 14 years?

Leonardo Academy to Host Introductory Webinar Series For The New American National Standard For Sustainable Agriculture (ANSI/LEO-4000)

Each Webinar Addresses a Specific Link In The Agriculture Supply Chain
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MADISON, Wis., June 6, 2016 /3BL Media/ - Leonardo Academy, Inc. announced that it will be hosting a webinar training series to introduce all potential participants and interested parties to the new American National Standard for Sustainable Agriculture (ANSI/LEO-4000).  Separate 30-minute webinar sessions are scheduled for each link of the supply chain, from producers to consumers, and are free to attend.


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