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Realizing sustainable operations and net-zero goals is a team effort.
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Decarbonization may initially start with your company's walls, but unless you're working with key partners in your value chain, your efforts won't reach what is needed to reverse the climate crisis. Learn how Schneider Electric is working with companies like PepsiCo, Walmart, GSK, and Amy's Kitchen to drive sustainability across their supply chains — and ours.

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Q&A With the CTO: Storing Growing Data While Reducing Environmental Impact

Illumina Chief Technology Officer Alex Aravanis discusses how the company is working toward its sustainability goals

As the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) convenes this month in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Sharon Vidal, global head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Illumina, talks to the company’s chief technology officer, Alex Aravanis, about achieving a sustainable future with intelligent data storage solutions that reduce Illumina’s environmental footprint.

COOL BIER Conference - Sustainable Coolers of the Future

BIER explores ways to reduce the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration equipment
Press Release

November 17, 2022 /3BL Media/ - As noted in The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) 2019 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Sector Guidance, cooling or refrigeration represents up to 20% of a beverage company's greenhouse gas emissions. Given the majority of companies in the beverage sector now have Net Zero commitments, exploring ways to reduce the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration equipment is surmounting.

HISD Mandarin Immersion Magnet School Celebrates Sustainability Upgrades, Funded by Green Mountain Energy Sun Club Grant

Part of SPARK Week, the community event showcased five new eco-friendly features
Press Release

HOUSTON, November 15, 2022 /3BL Media/ - A regal red and gold dragon undulated across the stage, as small feet shuffled underneath. The fabric creature moved to the beat of the music, with its rows of sharp teeth on display.

New G&A Institute Research Shows Sustainability Reporting by Largest U.S. Public Companies Reached All-Time Highs in 2021

96% of S&P 500® Companies and 81% of Russell 1000® Companies Published ESG Reports; SASB Became Most Used Reporting Standard
Press Release

NEW YORK, November 16, 2022 /3BL Media/ - Governance & Accountability Institute, Inc. (G&A), a leading consulting firm on corporate sustainability and ESG, today announced the findings of its 2022 Sustainability Reporting in Focus research on companies in the S&P 500® Index and the Russell 1000® Index. This marks the 11th annual report in G&A’s research series tracking the publication of sustainability reports by the largest U.S. publicly-traded companies.

Are Investors and Companies Ready for the Energy Transition?


We convened experts from our investment teams and our KKR Sustainability Expert Advisory Council (SEAC) to cover several important aspects of investing in the energy transition, energy security, and climate action for the third installment in our “Investing in Sustainability” series. In a one-on-one conversation and a panel discussion, they covered recent policy changes around the world, potential impacts on investors and companies to why the energy transition has become a business issue that affects companies across sectors and geographies.

AllianceBernstein: Can Multi-Asset Approaches Balance Sustainable Investing Risks?


Investors who opt for a sustainable approach are aligning themselves with some of the world’s most powerful growth trends. But this can also inhibit diversification. Applying multi-asset perspectives can address these problems by balancing portfolio risks to improve risk-adjusted return potential.

Southern Company Builds on Sustainability Transparency Leadership


Company releases 2021 Corporate Responsibility Executive Summary, demonstrates alignment with key ESG reporting frameworks, publishes Trade Association and Climate Engagement Report

Cummins Executive Says Renewable Natural Gas Has Potential and Challenges


Renewable natural gas from sources like wastewater treatment plants has significant room to grow as a carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative fuel source that is not a fossil fuel.

But in an article on global power leader Cummins Inc.’s website, Puneet Singh Jhawar, General Manager of the company’s Global Natural Gas business, says some key challenges remain.


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