SustainabilityHQ Weekly Highlights May 28, 2015 Weekly Highlights May 28, 2015

NASDAQ OMX Group and CRD Analytics Announce Companies In/Out of the Sustainability Benchmark

Twice annually the NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability Index is re-balanced  The Index (NASDAQ: QCRD) is an equally-weighted equity index that is a benchmark for stocks of companies that take a leadership role in sustainability performance reporting, and traded on a major US stock exchange.

Added effective May 18, 2015:  Adobe Systems, Autodesk, Campbell’s Soup Company, Consolidated Edison, DIRECTTV, FedEx, NRG Energy, Tesla Motors, and Verizon Communications. Weekly Highlights May 19, 2015


Sweeping Changes in Corporate Sustainability?
Yes Check Out Sustainable Brands Top 10

While the venerable late night talk show host on CBS Network – David Letterman – is moving on this week, the “Top 10 List” feature he made popular on his program flourishes in many other venues.  One that is worth your serious reading is the Sustainable Brands “News & Views” post -- on the 10 critical corporate sustainability trends to watch in 2015 and beyond. Weekly Highlights May 13, 2015


As Part of Trust Across America’s “North American Trust Awards” – the new “Hank Boerner Accountability Award” Goes to Intel

The Trust Across America (TAA) / Trust Around the World organization, headed by Barbara Kimmel, has featured a unique recognition program for the past five years.  The organization was founded in the wake of the stock market crisis of 2008-2009, to explore and advance important concepts on “trust” in the life of institutions and individuals. Weekly Highlights May 6, 2015 Weekly Highlights May 6, 2015

Disclosure -– It’s All About Materiality So – What is Material in Climate Change? An interesting dialogue is going on…

It’s been a few years now since the US Securities & Exchange Commission staff reminded boards of directors of publicly-traded companies that they have an affirmative responsibility for risk oversight from both the risk and opportunity equation.

So – is Climate Change a risk?  A growing number of stakeholders say “Yes.” Weekly Highlights April 14, 2015 Weekly Highlights April 14, 2015

Lawyers and Sustainability Disclosure/Reporting
Helpful Advice & Guidelines to Win Your Case

Lawyers by education, training and through experience tend to be cautious professionals, generally favoring in corporate disclosure & reporting (for example) caution over passion or over-enthusiasm.  What if you could combine the tough and thorough approach and discipline of law professionals in the firm with the passion of the company’s sustainability efforts and reporting on same? Weekly Highlights March 9, 2015 Weekly Highlights March 9, 2015

Communicating About Corporate Sustainability The Challenges

Some interesting perspectives are shared on corporate sustainability strategies and actions by the famed Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania in its current Knowledge@Wharton essay:  lessons learned in how to communicate about corporate sustainability.  As managers involved in CR and sustainability know, it is not always easy – whether it is internal or external communication. Weekly Highlights March 4, 2015 Weekly Highlights March 4, 2015

Global Sustainable Investing Pegged at US$21 Trillion In Survey by 7 Leading S.I. Membership Organizations

Global sustainable investing assets under management rose 61%, from US$13.3 trillion at the start of 2012, to reach US$21.4 trillion AUM at the start of 2014. That’s 30% of the total of all professionally managed assets across the regions covered by the survey (which was conducted by the 7 leading sustainable investment professional membership associations). Weekly Highlights February 26, 2015 Weekly Highlights February 26, 2015

Keen Observations: Opportunity / Competitive Advantage Through Efforts for Greater Sustainability Disclosure Weekly Highlights February 10, 2015 Weekly Highlights February 10, 2015

Story-Telling An Important Skill Set in Corporate / Institutional Sustainability Disclosure and Reporting Weekly Highlights January 22, 2015 Weekly Highlights January 22, 2015

What Matters to Sustainability Managers in 2015?

The market has evolved significantly over the years and it’s now time to determine what more is needed to elevate efforts!

GRI Partners, ISOS and Governance & Accountability Institute are teaming up to examine what sustainability topics, issues, and concerns are on the minds of managers - helping to guide the Sustainability function inside leading organizations today.


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