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GreenMoney's Special 200th Issue - Readers' Favorites

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Welcome to the special 200th issue of GreenMoney…yes, 200 and going strong!

For this commemorative issue we are looking back and including many of our Readers’ Favorites, i.e., the most-read articles according to Google Analytics. We have also included a few of our own favorite GreenMoney articles, videos and podcasts. While researching, I looked back at our special 150th issue (from January 2020) and realized once again the articles are still quite interesting – so consider checking those out as well. 

Listening to the Land

by Rodrigo Santos, Chief Operating Officer at Bayer Crop Science

Growing up in a small town in Brazil, one of my fondest memories was visiting my grandfather’s citrus farm. I spent many weekends there, sometimes helping to plant trees, but mostly wallowing in the mud along the lake and building boats that invariably failed to float. My grandfather loved to teach the basics of farming to me – and one of his lessons that I distinctly remember was to “listen to the soil.” Little did I know at the time how much wisdom was packed into those few simple words. 

The Role of Sustainability Certifications in Mitigating Deforestation


At COP26, more than 100 world leaders pledged up to $19bn USD to help tackle deforestation and forest degradation, which account for 8-10% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Many ears perked up at the prospect of deforestation hot spots, such as tropical forests in Indonesia and the Amazon, receiving much needed aid packages. The commitments are huge, the intentions noble, and the support for regions devastated by deforestation long overdue. But one has to wonder: Can GHG emissions from forest cover loss really be halted?

How Farms are Fighting Climate Change

Farmers aren’t just on the front lines battling the effects of climate change, they’re actively working to address its root causes.

Humanity has a give-and-take relationship with the earth. What we use, we must try to replace. A simple idea, but it will take the best of human ingenuity to accomplish. Few people understand this more than those who grow our food. 

How Business Success and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand in Agriculture

by Shannon Hauf

Each day, I have the privilege and joy of partnering with farmers, whose hard work and crop yields feed the world – helping to develop and provide them with strategic and technical solutions in seed production. And as Bayer strives to provide farmers with the highest quality seeds, we’re also driving sustainable growth for our seeds business.

Betterment Harvest: Investing in Ag-Tech in Appalachia


by Mark LaVerghetta, Co-Founder and Chief Governance Officer of Land Betterment

We are at the forefront of a transformational shift throughout the Appalachian region and parts of the Midwest. As the United States incrementally and increasingly migrates away from fossil fuels as an energy source, the region has been left with a tremendous void in terms of lost economic opportunity. That is where Land Betterment comes in with it's two main divisions, Environmental Solutions and Sustainable Development,

Biodiversity on the Farm: The Importance of Biodiversity and Supporting Ecosystems in Agriculture


Farmers have sought to learn more about the importance of biodiversity on the farm, both to maximize the performance of their operation and to protect the environment.

Farmers realize the importance of biodiversity more than most—the variety of plants, animals and microorganisms within an ecosystem, both above and below the soil.

Benefiting Biodiversity & Soil Health

Sustainable Solutions to Nurture Nature

Through close collaboration with growers and other partners, we are committed to balancing the need for crop production with nature conservation and reducing agriculture’s impact on biodiversity. 

Field to Market Awarded Walton Family Foundation Grant to Advance Supply Chain Sustainability Efforts in U.S. Agriculture

$760,000 grant will support development of greenhouse gas emissions reporting guidance among other key priorities
Press Release

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Field to Market®: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture announced today that it was awarded a two-year grant totaling $760,000 by the Walton Family Foundation to advance supply chain sustainability efforts across U.S. commodity crop production.


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