Making a Great Place to Work Even Better

By Mike Sievert, CEO of T-Mobile

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier mission has always been to put customers first and change the rules of this industry in their favor. We know that to succeed at that mission, we need the best people working on the frontlines and behind the scenes every day.  

Small Towns With Big Dreams: T-Mobile Announces the Next 25 Hometown Grant Recipients

T-Mobile has committed $25M in funding for small-town community developments projects over the next 5 years
Press Release

BELLEVUE, Wash., December 7, 2021 /3BL Media/ - T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) reveals the names of 25 more American small towns that will receive Hometown Grants to jumpstart vital community projects. Created to help local communities move forward on projects that build on the strengths that have always made them great places to live and work, Hometown Grants are inspired by the unique sense of place and deep pride that is so much a part of every small town.

Here are the 25 Hometown Grant winners:

How to Tell Scammers to Take a Hike This Holiday Season

Research shows the holidays are a particularly ripe time for phone scams. T‑Mobile’s free Scam Shield app can help protect you this season.

In October, a hiker was late returning to his car in the Colorado Rockies. Fearing he was lost, search and rescue tried calling him… repeatedly. And after multiple unanswered calls, teams were deployed across the mountain to seek out and save the lost hiker.

Except he wasn’t lost. And he had cell reception the whole time.

To Support the Advancement of Women's Athletic Programs, T-Mobile Donates $700,000 to SEC Schools at T-Mobile SEC Championship Concert with Chris Young

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BELLEVUE, Wash., December 2, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Who’s got game? Female athletes! As an official sponsor of the SEC, T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) wants to help the entire SEC community thrive. T-Mobile also recognizes the importance of women’s sports and the role that youth sports can have on allowing female athletes to one day compete at the highest levels like the SEC. The Un-carrier is proud to announce a $50,000 donation to each of the SEC’s 14 universities – totaling $700,000 – supporting the advancement of women’s athletic programs.

Together We Give More: T-Mobile Rallies Communities to Raise $1 Million for Pay Away the Layaway


Each year during the holidays T-Mobile kicks off our Season of Giving to rally our employees, customers, and the communities we serve around a collective giving goal. We give back to causes that share our passion for doing good and TOGETHER we stand united as one Un-carrier making a meaningful difference for communities in need – because TOGETHER we give more.

Holiday PSA: How to Thank Someone Best? Just Text!

New research shows that a thank you text message could be an act of gratitude that’s as effective and impactful as anything — so put your device to work this holiday season!

The season of giving — and giving thanks — is upon us. We all have that running list in our head of people to thank, but if we’re being honest, year to year we often come up short. And to nod to that age-old axiom, our best intentions could pave a road classic rock stalwarts AC/DC could wrap a devilish chorus around.

But what was holding us back from putting our best foot forward when it comes to saying thanks in a meaningful way may have all along simply been procedural.

Changing Careers After Military Service: A Veteran's Story

A T‑Mobile employee talks about how the company’s expanded TechX Returnship program helped him find full‑time work and a new career focus after returning to civilian life.

“Returning to civilian life was a bit of a challenge since I joined the military at quite a young age. And, you know, working in the military was pretty much all I knew.”

Alex Asuncion dedicated his life to serving in the United States Air Force as a cyber system operator. When he decided he wanted to transfer to part-time status with the Air Force Reserves after more than five years in active duty, he hoped to do some soul searching.

T-Mobile Expands Successful Returnship Program for Third Round

As T‑Mobile begins taking applications for its third cohort, we take a look at some of the success stories from the program designed to get working mothers and others displaced by the pandemic — and why you might want to consider the TechX Returnship too!
Press Release

Back in 2020, we first reported on a tiny but mighty program at T-Mobile called the TechX Returnship.

How to Pack an Emergency Go Bag


We hope it never happens. But when torrential rain and high winds beat on your windows or wildfire flames glow on the horizon, your only thought is to get your family to safety. That’s why being prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice is critical. It’s something the Un-carrier knows well.

“Disasters All Have the Same Backbone”

T‑Mobile Senior Disaster Recovery Manager Becky Romero keeps evolving the company’s response to challenges during hurricanes, wildfires and even a pandemic — because at any point, any of us could be affected.

“Disasters all have the same backbone,” says Becky Romero. “They all have the same spine. They just have different arms and different feet. They have different limbs. And a wildfire is slightly different than a hurricane, which is 100 percent different than civil unrest, which is completely different than COVID, which is different than an earthquake, which is different than a volcano eruption. Different than the Texas winter storm that we had. The constant is the help needed.”

And for much of her career, Romero has supplied that help.


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