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Changing Careers After Military Service: A Veteran's Story

A T‑Mobile employee talks about how the company’s expanded TechX Returnship program helped him find full‑time work and a new career focus after returning to civilian life.

“Returning to civilian life was a bit of a challenge since I joined the military at quite a young age. And, you know, working in the military was pretty much all I knew.”

Alex Asuncion dedicated his life to serving in the United States Air Force as a cyber system operator. When he decided he wanted to transfer to part-time status with the Air Force Reserves after more than five years in active duty, he hoped to do some soul searching.

T-Mobile Expands Successful Returnship Program for Third Round

As T‑Mobile begins taking applications for its third cohort, we take a look at some of the success stories from the program designed to get working mothers and others displaced by the pandemic — and why you might want to consider the TechX Returnship too!
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Back in 2020, we first reported on a tiny but mighty program at T-Mobile called the TechX Returnship.

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