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New Learning Labs from Tetra Pak Help Specify Business Benefits of Renewable Resources

First Lab with WRI Shares Supply Chain Perspectives
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DENTON, Texas, May 20, 2015 /3BL Media/ — What will it take for industry to understand the importance of using renewable materials to mitigate natural resources scarcity and to increase use of renewable resources?

Tetra Pak today shared highlights from the first of a new series of Learning Labs designed to shed light on these issues and more. Through dialogues with key stakeholders, Tetra Pak is leading efforts to assess the business value that comes from using renewable resources—those that can be regrown or replenished over time—and more responsible use of natural capital.

Valio Continues Use of Fully Renewable Carton Packages for Milk

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May 8, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Valio has announced that it will continue its use of 100% renewable milk cartons after an initial test period of three months. From May 1st 2015, the fully-renewable Tetra Rex® Bio-based will be introduced for Valio Luomu™ organic milk and sour milk.

Three-Point Strategy to Tackle Public Trust: Why It Matters


When the Edelman 2015 Global Trust Barometer was released in January, one thing became abundantly clear: Consumer trust, or lack thereof, will force industry and businesses to rethink the way they practice sustainability.

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Arla Food Eko Brand Organic Milk Now in ​Tetra Rex® Bio-Based

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April 13, 2015 /3BL Media/ - From today, consumers across Sweden can buy Arla Food’s Eko brand organic milk in Tetra Rex® Bio-based​, the world’s first carton package made entirely from renewable materials. The one-litre carton, with TwistCap™ OSO 34 opening, uses plastics derived from sugar cane, plus paperboard; nothing more.

World’s First Fully Renewable Package Available Globally After Successful Introduction

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, April 1, 2015 /3BL Media/ – Following its successful introduction with Finnish dairy Valio, the world’s first fully renewable package, Tetra Rex® Bio-based, is now being rolled out to Tetra Pak customers worldwide.

Tetra Pak's Dennis Jönsson and Coke's Venkatesh Kini talk about collaboration and innovation


On the road to Nuh, a village in the Mewat region of Haryana, Dennis Jönsson, President & CEO, Tetra Pak and Venkatesh Kini, President, Coca-Cola, India & South West Asia, get chatty on leadership, innovation and working together for out-of-the box solutions. Coke is today among the top five customers for the 11.2 billion euro Tetra Pak and the two collaborate in every sphere — including corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

Tetra Pak Reports Good Progress Towards Environmental Goals

Higher recycling rates, lower CO2 emissions and commercialisation of the world’s first 100% bio-based carton mark a successful year on several fronts
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March 16, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Tetra Pak made further progress towards its 2020 environmental goals during 2014, passing several important milestones in its journey to develop sustainable products, reduce the environmental footprint of the value chain and increase recycling.

Sustainable products

Top 3 Sustainable Supply Chain Trends for 2015


Sustainable business strategies seem to be the focus of customer companies today, and companies will continue to move forward with full integration across their supply chains in response to the resource crunch. Here are the top three trends for 2015.

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Sustainable Packaging Trends for 2015: All About Millennials


As packaging innovators, it is in our best interest and in the interest of our customers to monitor emerging trends in the industry.

I compiled three distinct ways packaging could evolve in the coming year which have been primarily influenced by millennials, the largest generational group of socially-aware consumers globally.

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6 Ways To Profit From Sustainable Packaging Now


For food and beverage manufacturers and packagers, 2015 can be a time to make changes that truly make a difference to their bottom lines. It will require them to be mindful of six important trends in sustainable packaging and supply chains.

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