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Mirage in the Middle of the City: Hear Out the Business Case for Supporting Social Causes


It was a cool, crisp sunny morning as I drove into downtown Detroit. The Renaissance Center, an iconic building on Detroit’s skyline that’s large enough to have its own zip code, rose quickly in my view and beckoned me to start the day. My mind was in full business mode at that point.

Like every workday, I had my must-do list memorized and was ready to make a difference. It’s as if driving on the Lodge Freeway under Cobo Hall helps me focus – a sort of tunnel vision, if you will. However, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Ron.

See the Recyclable Materials Auto Makers Use to Make Cars Environmentally Friendly


If you put the waste that General Motors recycles annually into the beds of 6.8m extended-cab Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks and parked them end to end, they would stretch around the world. 

What’s Driving Electric Cars Into the Mainstream? Plenty

Financial inducements, lower battery costs and more charging options will help electric vehicles take over the road.

Many electric vehicle owners love their ride, considering it their dream car. They enthusiastically share tips on, say, how to drive more electric miles.

Self-Driving Cars Pave the Way for Greater Road Safety


Nearly 1.3 million people around the world die from automobile accidents every year, while another 20 million to 50 million become injured or disabled. Human error plays a large role in these numbers, and research shows that autonomous vehicles may soon provide a solution to car casualties.

The Circle of Trust in 5 Steps

In a "circular economy," a manufactured product creates zero waste and boosts profits. Which companies are in the loop?

Tom Huston | The Guardian

Timberland Honored by WGSN and The Guardian for Timberland Tires Innovation

Multimedia with summary

The tire and footwear industries are two of the world’s largest users of virgin rubber. Most tires on the road have a limited lifespan, and ecologically-sound disposal at the end of their useful life presents another challenge. Imagine if leaders from these industries helped address this issue by creating a more sustainable lifecycle for rubber?

Recycling Water Bottles Will Never Go Out of Style

In the fashion and auto industries, recycling water bottles into ballgowns or car parts is the latest trend to follow the push to reuse paper, plastic and electronics.

When the actress Emma Watson stepped onto the red carpet in a gown made of repurposed water bottles at the Met Gala in early May, she established both the versatility and the durability of a new trend in recycling. 

Paving the Road for the Future of Transportation

Driving sustainable transportation forward.

Andy Meek | The Guardian

Mark Frohnmayer had a pretty specific checklist when he was looking to buy an electric car a decade ago. He wanted a vehicle that suited his travel needs, boasted a premium build quality and helped move the needle in terms of climate change.

Frohnmayer couldn’t find such an automobile, so he took matters into his own hands and founded Arcimoto in 2007.

Together, Companies and Supply Chains Can Reduce Carbon Footprints

Big business can have a big influence when coordinating with suppliers – and even rivals – to expand sustainability efforts.

Company leaders are rallying behind sustainability, realizing its importance to overall strategy. According to McKinsey’s global annual sustainability survey, CEOs increasingly see it as a priority.


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