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2016 Global Philanthropy Forum Conference Kicks Off Next Week, Focuses on Mass Migration

Cross-sector leaders will convene between April 4 and April 6 in the Bay Area to discuss “People on the Move.”
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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 31, 2016 /3BL Media/ – People are on the move more than ever before. Some, experiencing economic mobility for the first time, are moving to cities in search of opportunity. Others, displaced by war, natural disaster and state failure are on the move in search of safety, resulting in 60-million refugees worldwide. And finally some are on the move in search of meaning—unanchored, they turn to groups-that offer them a sense of purpose and belonging, for good or for ill.

Exxon Fuels Denial

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Children learn that lying is wrong, often in kindergarten. Apparently, somewhere on the road to becoming corporate leaders, they un-learn that lesson, especially if they are running multinational oil companies. Today on Sea Change Radio we talk with The Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg who has been leading the charge in explaining the significance of an email which shows Exxon has been aware of the link between its operations and climate change for quite some time.

Data, Data Everywhere But How On Earth Do We Keep Up?

Explosive growth of data is creating a demand for more data centres than the Earth has space and energy to support. Technology companies like HP, must transform the way they - and everyone else - does business

Over the past 40 years, every element of humanity has been altered by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry. It has revolutionised not just business processes and personal productivity, but the very ways people communicate and collaborate as well. From online banking and securing seats on a train, to life-saving medical procedures and monitoring vital resources, technology opens new opportunities, provides essential insights, and enables transformative innovation that improves the way we live, work and play.

The Conflict Minerals Regulation, Kickstarting Change in the Congo


The conflict minerals law: kickstarting change in the Congo

The Huffington Post. Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection and Wall Street Reform Act -- "the conflict minerals" clause -- has attracted controversy concerning its effects on the ground in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the broader region whose conflicts the law intends to allay. 

HP Wins the Guardian Sustainable Business Award in Collaboration


On Wednesday, May 14, The Guardian awarded HP with a Sustainable Business Award for our work to reduce electronic waste (e-waste), protect health and the environment, and create jobs in Kenya for those most in need. We’re achieving this goal by building a unique, scalable and replicable model for sustainable recycling in the developing world.

Assigning Corporate Blame for Global Warming Now Possible


By Carol Pierson Holding

Three recent headlines offer disturbing news to climate advocates. Together, they show catastrophic aggression from the fossil fuel producers.

Video Interviews by Guardian Sustainable Business at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit


Jo Confino, Editorial Director of Guardian Sustainable Business, conducted a total of 15 video interviews with featured participants at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit (19-20 September 2013, New York).

Some participants interviewed include:

Compelling Sustainability Vision Needed To Align Business Initiatives

The number of sustainability projects to address everything from women's empowerment to agriculture is multiplying. Better alignment and collaboration are needed to ensure their success
By Jo Confino, The Guardian, 2 August 2013
In this article for Guardian Sustainable Business, Jo Confino highlights the importance of a cohesive sustainability vision, and notes the efforts of the UN Global Compact as a key convenor for business engagement.
Read the full article on The Guardian.
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Georg Kell Urges Companies to Improve Support of Children's Rights in Guardian Op-ed


In an op-ed in The Guardian, UN Global Compact Executive Director Georg Kell calls for companies to help end child labour, which is a key theme of the Children's Rights and Business Principles: Child labour will end only if businesses respect children's rights 

Read the full article in the The Guardian.

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