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COVID-19 Is the Symptom — the Contagion Is a Crisis of Leadership

We have a once in a century chance to get this right.

Have you ever had to make a really tough decision...under extreme pressure...with everyone watching? Now imagine that you’re the leader of your country deciding how to protect your population from a rapidly approaching and highly contagious virus that we know little about except that it’s deadly and that humanity has no defence for it. What would you do? Would you sit back and let thousands of people die as the entire health care system is overwhelmed or would you curtail people’s ability to move around (and earn a living) so that hopefully more lives can be saved?

Sustainability is No Longer Optional for Suppliers


With several governments internationally developing and implementing Climate Change, Circular Economy and Zero Waste Policies, global firms are already taking a proactive approach to supply chain risk management, while others are taking a riskier “wait and see approach”.

6 CSR Trends To Watch In 2017


In the past decade, we’ve witnessed a stunning transition as corporate social responsibility (CSR) evolved from a nice-to-have silo to a fundamental strategic priority for businesses large and small. More recently, we’ve watched as companies went beyond their own walls, using their influence to advocate for global solutions around issues such as climate change, education, poverty, and equal and human rights.

…companies won’t just uphold their commitments to sustainability – they will be at the forefront of global progress like never before.

The Behavioral Economics of Recycling: There’s More Happening Than You Think


We all know we should recycle, but even committed recyclers can be erratic, cleaning and sorting bottles one day, and tossing glass in the trash the next. Why? It turns out that an array of biases sway our decisions about what to place in the green bin and what to throw away.

Surprising Disposal Habits

Canada’s Moving Towards a Circular Economy – Business Must Prepare Now


We are in the middle of a mega trend driven by climate change, resources scarcity, urbanization, social media and unbridled consumerism. Change will come, either a time of our choosing or at a time that is ecologically thrust upon us. Our best hope to get ahead of the curve is to shift towards a less wasteful and more circular economic model.

A Living Room Chat with Conservative Party MP Michael Chong

“Just Because I’m Conservative Doesn’t Mean I’m Anti-Environment.”

Supported in part by GreenPAC and MaRS Discovery District

The Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) and GreenPAC are thrilled to announce that on October 13th we will welcome Conservative MP Michael Chong for a living room chat. Michael has been the Conservative MP for Wellington-Halton Hills since 2004 and he is currently running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Is Your Purpose and Passion Aligned for a Better Planet?


Education can open our eyes to a range of possibilities that were once beyond our reach.   –Loujain Kurdi


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