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Graduating Doesn’t Ensure You’ll Find a Job: 9 Lessons to Help in Your Journey


By Jillian Rodak

[Editors Note: In a recent conversation with Jillian I learned about her challenging experience upon graduating. Even though it’s a few years old it’s just as relevant today AND it’s a great lesson for others who find themselves with a degree, without experience and a hunger to work in the field where their passion lies.]

Why Embracing Profitable Good—Not CSR—Will Help You Stay Ahead


For all the talk about the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the truth of the matter is most executives don’t believe it drives direct bottom line business benefit, or that it effectively addresses societal problems.

A Recent Sustainability Grad Nails it on Successful Networking

“Networking isn’t everything, but it’s pretty much everything”

By Jeff Chan, a recent graduate of the University of Toronto’s new Master of Science in Sustainability Management Program

6 Steps to Becoming a Credible Sustainability/CSR Professional

What would you say are the top “impact” competencies for CSR/Sustainability professionals OR simply put, what skills do you need to accumulate to become a successful CSR Professional?

Education is Playing Catch Up

The urgent need to create a more socially and environmentally responsible world has led to a boom in innovative solutions in areas such as; facility management, supply chain, design, manufacturing, standards, reporting, employee and stakeholder engagement , sustainable consumption and marketing. But, in the rush to solve the complex, system problems that we face, are each of us doing enough to “be credible” as our jobs and professions evolve?

Unilever’s Early Leadership in “Social Purpose” is Paying Off.


Today the ethical consumer market hovers between 10 and 20 per cent. These numbers haven’t moved much since the term was first popularized 25 years ago.

Recycling is Good BUT Behaviour Change is What’s Really Needed.


Have you seen the documentary ‘Racing To Zero’ yet? It spotlights San Francisco’s efforts to achieve an aggressive Zero Waste goal of diverting 90% of its municipal waste from landfill by 2020. San Francisco leads the country in this endeavor, and in that regard has much to teach the rest of us.


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