Compassion as a Management Tool in the Future of Work


See the original post here by Duncan Hewett, Sr. Vice President & GM, Asia Pacific & Japan at VMWare

The COVID pandemic has affected us all, but not equally. Several studies emerging show more women have been economically impacted in the last year than we could have imagined. 

Women in Technology Accept the Challenge


Choose to challenge is this year’s International Women’s Day theme. Women in the technology industry have been doing this for decades. Today, in this highlight reel of stories, we celebrate the exceptional difference women make to tech, business and our world.

1. Voice of Transformation: Amy Hysell

Tackling WFH as a Communications Intern at VMware U.K.

Written by Ivan McCombs

Communications intern Isabella Burton joined the VMware UK team amid the first stages of COVID-19. Now almost seven months into her internship, Isabella apprises her typical daily schedule and recounts her experience hunting for a placement amidst a global pandemic.

The Future of Work at VMware


As businesses and people continue to adapt to our current global environment, we’re focusing on what we can do to help candidates and employees adjust and thrive in the future construct of working at VMware. To better understand the thinking behind the Future of Work initiative, I virtually connected with (left to right) Rich Lang, Sr. Vice President of HR; Ann Cleland, Director of Governance, HR Workforce Planning and Contingent Workforce; and Anthony Alvarado, Sr. Director, HR Workforce Planning and Contingent Workforce, to get their take on the topic.

Pi Day, Citizen Philanthropy and the Value of Choice

By Betsy Sutter

Two attributes of VMware’s culture truly differentiate us as a company: innovation and choice. We are simultaneously committed to both. And nowhere is this more apparent than in our strategic approach to giving back.

Citizen Philanthropy: Infinite Possibilities on Pi Day and All Year

By Leona O' Sullivan

At VMware, we have established an annual tradition of celebrating Pi Day each March 14 by embracing our core EPIC2 values and getting geeky about giving back. Pi is woven throughout VMware Foundation programs as a way to make them memorable and uniquely VMware.

“Never Enough”: A Navy SEAL Commander on Living a Life of Excellence, Agility and Meaning


I’ve served in many roles: U.S. Navy SEAL Commander, White House Fellow, private sector asset management, sales and operations, and now, chief digital transformation officer at VMware. I am often asked about what leading a SEAL team has in common with a world-class software company. I tell people that it’s all about mission, meaning and impact—no matter what hard challenges you’re working on.

Women in Security: Celebrating Women's History Month


In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are honoring all of the women at VMware who inspire, lead, innovate and set the stage for the next generation to come. In a six-part series, we will highlight some of the outstanding women in security that are playing a significant role in keeping the world safe from cyberattacks.

10 Black Innovators & Technologists Who Helped Uplift History


Black Americans play a profound role in shaping the world’s technology. Many everyday essentials, from caller ID to traffic lights, came from the creative minds of Black technology inventors, innovators and leaders.

At VMware, we pride ourselves on innovation. So, in honor of Black History Month, we decided to highlight some of the all-time greatest Black engineers, scholars and entrepreneurs. These individuals profoundly progressed science, the tech industry and daily life.

1. Dr. Mark E. Dean


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